Things I’m Digging Lately

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So welcome back to the week, I really have no excuse for my lack of posting yesterday besides the fact we have Netflix and during the break in our shows Mark has gotten me officially addicted to Sons of Anarchy. Not that a biker gang from California has any relevance to my life but I am committed to all seven seasons. I’m also now fully convinced that half of my patients are part of biker gangs and all the moms are “old ladies”.  I know.  I have a problem.

I also got to see my cousins new twin babies yesterday, which is kind of giving me baby fever. Not twin baby fever by any means but that newborn smell is quite intoxicating. I just didn’t have it in me after my depressing Patriots loss the other night to finish up my weekending post. Plus, I don’t think you want to hear about my binge watching biker gang weekend, the fact I didn’t get out of barre pants the whole time (at least I did take) and shoveling in lots of cold weather hearty eats. Instead, lets talk all about the favorites I’m digging lately.Things I'm Digging Lately

Protect That Hair

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.08.14 PM

Let’s be brutally honest. How many of you actually use a heat protector? I feel like I have every hair care product, cream, emollient, volumizer that is on the market. When it comes to that last step of a heat protector, I usually forget/rushed to get out the door, etc. I also have really fine hair so I hate putting any potential products on it that could weigh it down. Where has this product been my whole life? I feel like my ends were singing for joy when I sprayed this on it the other night.

Okay, you know when you’re blow drying your hair and you touch your hair and it’s like steaming hot and you almost burn your hand? Yeah. Clearly so good for it. Well I sprayed this super fine mist over it the other night and my hair was cool to the touch the whole time I was blow drying it. I am not joking. It really works. Plus, it didn’t weigh my hair down and it was super shiny and gave it volume.  It also apparently protects your hair from humidity, so in FL we will take that.  This is seriously a game changer. Do yourself a favor and pick it up here. I feel like I’ve cheated my hair all these years now.

Favorite Protein Bar

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.14.19 PMI am a bar connoisseur. As you know I’m always running from one thing to the next, so my purse is full of bars. So many bars out there are full of carbs, fake sugars and products you can’t pronounce. Now I’m not saying this one is the organic or made with all natural materials but I will tell you what. Man it keeps me full. Plus, it is under 200 calories and has tons of fiber in it but not that kind of fiber that you can’t like share an office with someone if you catch my drift. I eat this around 9am and around 1 I’m still not even counting down the minutes till I can eat lunch. Mark took one the other day and texting me in the afternoon “hey can you get more of those oreo bars they are awesome”. The pickiest bar eater approved over here.

If you pop them in the microwave for 8 seconds (10 is too melty, 8 is just right) they are so tasty. Just make sure to take them out of the wrapper. Yes. I can admit that to y’all. It happened. I’ll own it. I get mine at Trader Joes but Amazon carries them in bulk for a great price.


Best Afternoon Snack Attack

Trader Joes Espresso PillowsSpeaking of Trader Joes. The best afternoon pick me up. Not a ton of calories and totally satisfies that sweet craving. These are by the check out area. You are welcome.  Straight up addicting.

Chug That Water

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.51.15 PMI have really been trying to step up my water game. I adore my S’well bottle but I really do prefer drinking out of glass when possible. I found this water bottle the other day and it’s amazing.  20 oz and you can drink it one handed. If you unscrew it a little bit the water filters out of the top and no spillage. Plus, it fits in my cup holder. You know that is my ultimate judge on all things in life. For some reason it hasn’t gotten the best amazon reviews but I don’t put my water bottles in the dishwasher so I think that is peeps main gripes. Just fill up your sink with hot soapy water and clean all of them at once. Four of these in a day and you have your 80 oz.  Put 4 rubber bands/hair ties on them and take one off each time you empty and you’re good to go.

For the Perfect Blowout

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.57.11 PMFinally. From Carly’s recommendation. Not going to lie I initially thought this was a hair brush you use with your hair dryer. When I opened it and saw the plug I was all what the is going on here? However, I love it because I’m a big shower at night and let my hair air dry kind of gal. So now I use this in the morning to smooth out my ends and I look that much more put together. I also brush through prior to going out to create some major volume. Check out her video tutorial for further details. I hit it with this spray at the end and seriously, movie hair.  So much volume that stays. It looks like you just got a blow out.  Huge fan just know you have to use on dry hair.  I clearly didn’t read the fine details on that one.  Check it here.

So there you have it. My 5 products that are trending for the week right now. Do you use any of these? What current products are you totally digging right now? Spill! Also, did you watch Sons of Anarchy? I’m in Season 5 right now no spoilers!

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46 responses to “Things I’m Digging Lately”

  1. Quest bars are a favorite for us too, they keep me full for so long!

  2. I have to check out those Quest bars! Just put them in my cart on Amazon! And so glad to hear I am not the only one who is a shower at night kind of gal. Except I always have every intention of actually brushing my hair the next day, and nope, into a messy bun it goes! Emphasis on MESSY. I have heard such good things about Sons of Anarchy! I have to start it!


  3. Lauren says:

    I saw someone using that brush on YouTube the other day too and I’m so intrigued. I’m rubbish at blow drying my hair with a round brush and hairdryer so this could be the perfect tool for me! x

  4. I’ve been obsessing over the Living Proof line lately. Everything is great! And I saw Karly’s tutorial and her hair always looks amazing! I seriously am so jealous! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Christina says:

    I am all about heat protecting hair products! As a curly haired girl who straightens my hair every other day, I have to be (unless I want seriously damaged hair!). I recommend checking out the Aveda products.. they’ve been my go to for years!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  6. Oh girl baby fever is something I totally feel you on!! I use this Toni & Guy heat protectant spray and it’s amazing, but once that runs out I’ll definitely check out living proofs!! happy Tuesday! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  7. That espresso pillow looks amazing!!!! I need to try that ASAP!

  8. Blaire says:

    I’m almost out of my current heat protectant, so I am definitely going to pick this up. I love Living Proof products! They always smell so good! I also always need good water bottle recommendations because I am constantly losing them!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  9. Ashley says:

    Living Proof hair products are seriously the best! Obsessed with their dry shampoo. You got my addicted to those espresso pillows and I love you/hate you for it! :)

  10. love living proof! they can do no wrong, i swear. the espresso treats have me intrigued–gotta find those. my obsession with water bottles continues. love that one! cute.

  11. i love living proof. i finally got the dry shampoo to try and i’m sure i’ll love it :) cute water bottle too!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  12. Brittany says:

    I love quest bars! Some of the flavors are gross but the cookies and cream and the cookie dough are both good!

  13. marie says:

    Oh I so need to find those quest bars! They sound fab!

  14. I want to try that brush. My hair is pretty thick though so I’m hoping that it will work well. Your comment about fiber made me laugh too. Haha. That bar does sound good though. Have you ever tried Larabars? They are totally all natural and they’re delicious. Most of my credit card bill is stuff from Trader Joe’s, just another thing to add to the list! There is one within walking distance from our place, its awesome. :-) Thank you so much for sharing and I hope that you are having a great day so far! :-)

  15. I’m going to have to check out those Quest bars. The hubs and I are big bar people too. And between you and Karly I’m dying for that hot round brush! I just threw out 3 curling irons that I never use, so I’m feeling a bit guilty… haha

  16. Lindsay says:

    I am ordering more of those Quest bars, thanks for the reminder! They’re my favorite “treat” when they are heated up and get me through my afternoon sweet cravings! I need that water bottle asap, there is something about drinking from a metal bottle in the Winter that just feels kind of weird!

  17. Rachel says:

    I have a love-hate relationship with those TJ’s espresso pillows!! SO irresistible!! Make today work, Rachel CubicleCouture

  18. that hairbrush hair dryer sounds awesome! and so does that oreo quest bar. MMM!

  19. My husband totally got me hooked on Sons of Anarchy! I really don’t like men that smoke and I’m not the biggest fan of tattoos, but I totally have a thing for Jax Teller! SOA gets so much more intense the more you watch it! I’m so in love with all of the Living Proof products I’ve tried, so I definitely need to give the heat protector a try too!

  20. You make me laugh! I love the comment about baby fever but not twin baby fever :) I LOVE newborns too. That Living Proof product sounds like something i’d like to try. I’ll have to look for it next time i’m in Sephora.

  21. I’m a HUGE SOA fan! I watched every season (most of the time hiding my eyes from the gruesome stuff!) It is sooooo good! I bawled like a baby at the end! You have a lot of good stuff ahead of you (and hello eye-candy Jax!)

  22. The struggle is real with the baby fever. It’s worse when you are older and especially when you are older AND single! Your weekend sounds fabulous, I need one like that too! Next time I hit up TJ’s I’m getting some pillows!

  23. We are Quest bar people for sure. They are so good and totally keep you full longer. We get ours at GNC usually with the member discount.
    And we totally watched all of SOA. Just warning you, there will be times you want to quit. You will get so freaking pissed but you just can’t stop watching.

  24. I just started using a heat protector by Pureology a couple of weeks ago and also wondering what has taken me so long?!? It really does make a big difference in my blow outs! I’m going to have to check out the Living Proof one because you can never go wrong with their products. Enjoy SOA, we spent all last winter watching that!!

  25. The water bottle sounds amazing and great idea about using the hair bands to remember how much you’ve drank for the day. I own a similar hairbrush/blowdryer combo (except mine is a paddle brush) and I love it!

  26. Nadine says:

    Quest bars are my favorite of all the protein items out there. Unfortunately, they are not whole 30 approved….I have been snacking on Coconut Cream Pie and Cherry Pie LARA bars the last few weeks. They are great if you are looking for something natural and pure….and less protein. But I cant wait to have a cookie dough quest bar again too! That water bottle is so cute and I am intrigued by that curling iron brush! I always use heat protectant. I used to love the Chi one but lately Tresemme has been working just as well for a third the price and a better scent!

  27. kristen says:

    i think i’m gonna get the hot brush thing for my birthday (from myself haha) i was unsure but then Karly’s video was so helpful. i like to wash my hair at night and do it in the morning as well, i like to pretend it’s so i put less heat on my hair but really it’s because i’m lazy.

  28. Kayla MKOY says:

    I’ve tried that Quest bar before an YEESSS! So tasty!!! :)

  29. Awesome round up! I’m all about drinking water out of glass too, but love love love the s’well bottles too. I used to be all about the Quest bars, but stayed far away from them after noticing that they contain sucralose. Such a bummer!
    Green Fashionista

  30. Kaitlyn says:

    I love dark chocolate and espresso, so combined?? Oh yes! I’ve been wanting to try that hair brush. Sounds like something I need in my life.

  31. Lauren says:

    That water bottle is super cute!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  32. christina says:

    i recently read that hair primer/heat protectant doesn’t really work…ughhhh. i still use the josie argan oil just in case!! and all living proof products. my fave is the restore line!

  33. Ohhhhh, you know I love me a good protein bar too! I’ll have to check those out. I’m off to Amazon as I write this (MULTITASKING) to buy boobie-pump parts so I’ll add these in there too! Yes!

  34. Shannon says:

    Espresso pillows?! What?! I need these asap!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  35. Emelia says:

    I’ve heard some of the Quest Bars are straight up gross so I’ll have to try this one-thanks for the suggestion!

  36. Ok I guess I really have to look into that Hot Tools brush because EVERY ONE is talking (raving) about it! I hear people go on about Quest bars too but I haven’t seen them anywhere locally. Amazon Prime here I come.

  37. Christina says:

    I’m obsessed with that Hot Tools brush after Karly’s tutorial! I’ve been using it nonstop since I got it.

  38. Karly says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, girl! I’m so thrilled that you are enjoying the brush and that I could share its amazing-ness with everybody. As soon as I’m out of my current heat protectant, I’ll definitely pick up the Living Proof one, it sounds great.

  39. Quest Bars are the best! I never thought to try microwaving them, that sounds so good. And I’ve got to try those Espresso Pillows from Trader Joes!

  40. I am excited to try all of these things! Particularly the heat protector and espresso pillows. I am in need of sweet treat! And you’re right I never do anything to protect the heat. Good to know it’s such a fantastic product!

  41. I need to start using a heat protectant, thanks for the recommendation. I just ordered a large S’well bottle in Bikini Pink since it was on sale for V-Day. What really got me was the fact that it can hold an entire bottle of wine… lol. Can’t wait to get it!

  42. Sons of Anarchy is totally on my need to watch list. The only thing that’s pushing it to the back burner is how long it is. What, like 8 seasons? Something mad like that? haha I have my eye on a few 2 seasoners to binge first, but it WILL happen. haha You should totally watch Scandal. It is so amazing!

    I need to try those espresso pillows! Dark chocolate is my fav! (:

  43. I’m kind of a Quest bar addict… the chocolate chip cookie dough ones nuked in the microwave are my favorite, yum! Dustin and I were big SOA fans too, I miss it so much :(

  44. I was spoiled with my wedding prep with a lot of blow outs…Since then I haven’t gotten any and seeing your Hot Tools one is really making me miss it!! I wish I could like buy one try it out for a week and then if I didn’t like it not feel bad returning it!?! I might do just that!! =)

  45. Owen Davis says:

    I was just talking to my sis yesterday about needing heat protector product for my hair. Gonna try that one out!! Love that bottle too. You got me hooked on my Swell, might need to try this one too ;)

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