The Importance of Sleep

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I have always been a firm believer in that sleep cures all.  My mother told me when I was younger, I never argued about going to sleep or my bedtime.  I totally got it even back then.  Whenever I am starting to feel a hint of a cold creep up, I try to get a solid nights sleep and I am usually able to prevent it from striking.  Now total disclaimer, I don’t have children but when that day comes I will be arranging for a sleep schedule with Mark… least that is what I envision.  I think it is pretty safe to say we all cram a lot into our days right?  Trying to do that on minimal sleep is pretty much impossible.  So a recent study just came out that came to the conclusion that women need more sleep than men. Now, when my students use studies to support their work I tell them it needs to be from a peer reviewed source and found on a reputable clinical source like Pubmed.  I found this on google but I like the results, so I’m sharing them.  Basically a Professor in the UK found that women’s brains are more complex, we multi-task more than men, so therefore we need more sleep than they do.


I mean………..You don’t need to conduct a study to agree with that right?  I’ll take it.  I totally agree.  How much do you do in one day right?  How many hats do you wear?  Plus, you are expected to do it with clean hair dry shampoo and mascara on right?  Oh and make sure you have enough time to squeeze in a workout.  We really are Superwomen and I take the time to give you a pat on the back and an acknowledgement of all that you do.  I personally feel that I cannot do all that I do without a good nights sleep.  I had been holding out on a investing in a King since I had thoughts we would be moving pretty soon after we got married.  Well, the housing market where I live is currently insane, so we are hunkering down in the condo life and saving away.  However, the time has come where sharing a Queen with an unruly sleeper has run its course.

yogabed 2yogabed closeup

The Yogabed came into my life at a perfect time.  There are no stores that you have to pay the overhead of, the company is entirely online.  No pushy sales people trying to up sell you.  Free shipping, hello thank you.  The mattress came in a single box and the “install” was seamless. Cut open and let the mattress expand.  I really like this comparison chart, it speaks volumes in comparison to the fancy named company to the all the way right.  The Yogabed has four layers of memory foam that stays cool.  Plus, it comes with a zip and wash removable cover which is made out of a thermocool high performance fabric.  Men are such naturally hot sleepers right?  Also, I’ve been having such good nights sleep now that I can minimally feel a certain someone tossing at night.  This Yogabed has been the best addition!  The best part?!  You have a 101 night satisfaction guarantee.  My bed is staying put but that is nice piece of mind.  As well as a standard 10 year warranty.  It also comes with two yoga pillows, they are incredibly comfortable and stay cool as well!

yoga bed shippingyoga bed barreyoga bed pillow


You can take $75 off your purchase with the code Barre75.  I highly recommend you check out Yogabed if you are in the market for a new bed.  I find the price affordable and you can also finance it monthly if that works out better for you.  Getting a good nights sleep is essentially for all that we do and make the investment in not only your bodies health but your mental well being as well.  Any questions definitely please feel free to ask!

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Thank you to Yogabed for sponsoring this post.  I received a complimentary mattress in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own and I appreciate you checking out that brands that help support Meet at the Barre.


29 responses to “The Importance of Sleep”

  1. I’ve never heard of Yogabed before but I’m all about a good night’s sleep! I don’t get a lot of sleep so I do like to get really good sleep when I am sleeping! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. So I’ve been desperately trying to get a new bed because well our mattress is terrible, but Gary wants to “try” the beds and doesn’t feel like he would be able to try this out and not be stuck with it haha…I’ve heard of Yoga bed and I am sold on the free shipping alone and their bed prices are so much better than in stores…I’ll just have to drag him down to Florida to sleep on your mattress LOL! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Getting a mattress that we both love has been a blessing to our sleep, even if we still don’t get enough with 2 kids. How much fun is this bed?! I love the free shipping and that it stays cool. I may have to get one of these too for another room so I can sleep on it too!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  4. Jaelan says:

    It always floors me how those mattresses come in those tiny little boxes. Haha

    This sounds like a nice mattress. When we move we’ll be looking for a good mattress for our guest room. I’ll have to check it out!

  5. Evelina says:

    I completely agree with all of this but unfortunately I’m not great at executing it. I go to bed way too late and then end up napping after work sometimes. That mattress looks so comfy! Ours has seen better days and will definitely need to be replaced soon
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  6. Caroline says:

    Now that I want to go back to sleep.. Just kidding. :-) Sounds like an amazing bed though and I’m glad that you like it so much. We have a king-sized Temperpedic and its amazing. Sometimes I say out loud “best part of my day is this bed…” I want to know why men are the warmer sleepers too. I call Chris “my heater” hehe. Thanks for sharing and I hope that you sleep well tonight! :-)

  7. Jenn says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds awesome!
    I love the pose on the bed without sheets….I always love these for commercials etc. Because people really lounge around without sheets on right? haha (no judgement, just being funny!)

  8. Once we move we will be needing a new mattress and these really intrigue me…but my husband is so picky. He has to “try” them out. Geez!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  9. Alexandria says:

    I’ve been looking at these types of mattresses for awhile now so I’m glad to see your great review on the YogaBed!

  10. Kaitlin says:

    I’m so tired right now … that bed looks GLORIOUS!!! There’s also nothing less glamorous than mattress shopping, awkwardly laying on beds while a sales person stares at you – THIS sounds perfect!!!!!

  11. I love my sleep and just this past year, Ryan {my partner and I} moved into a house that has a HUGE master bedroom so we got our first King Size Bed… is heaven and I haven’t slept so good in years!

    Sleep does totally cure….i love this.

    This mattress sounds divine and is so interesting!

    Thanks for sharing, girl!


  12. Zelle says:

    I’d love to get more of your opinion on this! I have neck and back issues, and lately, I don’t sleep very well!

    Southern Style

  13. Kerry says:

    Never heard of it but sounds interesting. It doesn’t look like you are using a boxspring–is it designed that way?

  14. Courtney says:

    This mattress sounds amazing! I’m all about getting a good night’s sleep, which is why I usually meditate before bed and then wear an eye mask!

  15. Ashley says:

    Sleep is sooooo important, tis true, tis true. I LOVE that a study backs up that women need more sleep- preach! The new bed looks + sounds amazing, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. I am a little too obsessed with my sleep, definitely one of those people that needs a solid 8-10 hours a night! SO jealous of your new King!!

  17. I definitely don’t get enough sleep these days and I was just thinking how I need to treat myself to a no alarm day really soon. This bed sounds great. I am about halfway in to the life of my mattress and I will definitely have to remember this post when the time comes to purchase because it sounds great!

  18. We are in the market for a new mattress! We currently have a temperpedic and this looks very similar and a lot more affordable! Thanks for sharing Amanda!!! (:

  19. Karly says:

    I remember seeing this on your Snapchat, and it is so cool – we have to get a new mattress for our guest room, so I’ll definitely be looking into this.

  20. Tiffany says:

    We got a new mattress a few years ago and my whole body was so thankful. A good mattress and pillow are imperative for a good nights sleep.

  21. Brittani says:

    I wish I knew this before I just got a new bed a few months ago! If I don’t get a good nights rest I’m way less productive!


  22. Nadine says:

    I really want to upgrade to a king and I love how much cheaper the prices are for this mattress versus other popular ones. It makes me a little nervous that you cant just try it out in the store before you bring it home but then again, they have a risk free option it seems so I guess that isn’t as big of a worry. Though, I would hate to try to fit the mattress back in to the box lol. I also love that you get free pillows. Why are pillows so expensive?

  23. Meg says:

    I totally agree with you about sleep. It is a foundation for dealing with the stresses of the day. We bought a king bed a few years ago and I would not got back for a minute!

  24. MVAP Blog says:

    It is very important!!
    Mónica Sors

  25. Jessica says:

    I’m totally all about sleep too! haha… It is so important. And this bed looks sooo comfy!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  26. kristen says:

    glad its working so well for you girl! buying a king bed is the best thing we ever did. i am the tosser/turner in our relationship and KC can barely feel me anymore. unfortunately, i can still hear his snoring ;) and i am totally sending him that study lol so he might let me sleep in when we have kids one day haha

  27. Julie Joy says:

    I will definitely keep this in mind for someday when we upgrade to a king! Heck, our new camper has a king and we don’t even have that in our house! Haha! I love that research about women needing more sleep… I will not argue that! Michael will be like oh my gosh I’m so tired I’ve worked 60 hours this week… and I’ll be like oh really? I’m sorry. I’ve only worked 120. Psssh. Men. :)

  28. Kristina @ Medicine and Manicures says:

    Ryan was talking about these the other day- maybe a different brand- but a mattress that comes out of a box. Pretty cool idea- however I’m still on the fence about the memory foam mattresses. I love a good pillow-top and bounce that a normal bed has, but I’d totally try this one out!

    xo, Kristina

  29. Sara says:

    I do like the idea of the cooling technology. We’re currently looking for a guest bed too!! Thanks for the heads up!!

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