Friday Favorites – Spring Styling

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This week has been jam packed and I am seriously counting the hours till this weekend.  I have a feeling this one is going to be some major catch up!  I hope everyone survived this week!  Let’s jump right into these favorites.

Fringe sandals and leather tote

How fab are these fringe sandals?!?  They are under $30!  Find them here ||| Fabulous tote find here ||| Nail color Essie Fiji find here |||  Rose gold watch find here

This feel good song on major repeat.  Such fun Summer vibes.

Tell me this doesn’t look like the most delicious side dish to go with just about everything.

Tips on how to style a great lay flat instagram shot.

Who wants to do this weekly challenge with me?  No equipment and you can do it anymore.  Print it out here.

I have had my eye on these Chloe Isa wedges but the price tag….yikes.  Well there is an exact dupe out there but wouldn’t you know, sold out everywhere.  Well my favorite Zappos just restocked them here and they are selling out on hyper speed.  Get your pair before they are gone again!  Also, did you check out my fashion post from yesterday?  This black maxi dress will be on repeat for you this Summer.  I also scooped up these earrings because hello they add the best pop of color to every outfit.

rachel pally maxi dress

Favorite Funnies

The attention span of most millennials


When I am finally finished with my at home mani, haven’t touched anything and then decide I need to replace the nail polish remover cap at that exact second



When I pick up takeout and they claim all the extra sauces I ordered are at the bottom of the bag



When someone tries to casually throw “curated” into every day speech


Me.  On Sunday.  Even then I still may just eat a veggie burger.  Like the one stuffed in the back with freezer burn on it.


My follow up when I get a blank stare to when people ask me what is a blogger.



Okay now it’s your turn!  Tell me your favorites from the week and what your plans are this weekend!

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37 responses to “Friday Favorites – Spring Styling”

  1. I am the worst about painting my nails at home and then ruining them before they’re dry. I swear I end up messing up at least one nail every single time. And definitely going to have to check out the article on styling a flat Instagram shot! Happy Friday doll! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. That happens to me all the time when I paint my nails at home, I get so angry with myself!! Love that song too – anything that reminds me of sunshine and summer vibes is good! Have great weekend! xo, biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Charity says:

    Whaaat? Those fringe sandals do not look like they are under $30! Great find girl and TGIF!

  4. Sheryl says:

    Thanks for the post on the instagram styling. I can certainly use it. Also love those fringe sandals. Hope it’s a great weekend.

  5. Rebecca Jo says:

    I need to go look at that Instagram link – I am horrible at the flat layouts.

    Question – I see everyone is doing this style of blogging lately – adding the links instead of pictures – just curious – do you find that drives people away from your blog from commenting here? I mean, it sends you kind of down a rabbit hole, right? I was just curious if people come back to comment afterwards. I’m seeing this as a new trend in blogging & didn’t know how it was working for you.

  6. LOL at the polish one–that is so dang true!! i can’t wait to check out the flat lay one!

  7. Caroline says:

    That black maxi dress is on my wish list!! It is amazing. Love all of your funnies too. The first one.. sigh. haha. Have a fab weekend lady!!

  8. Nadine says:

    Digging this song, and that casserole! Yum!!! I saw those shoes at Target but umm I dont see me walking in them more than like an hour soooooo yeah. Haha! Ugh millennials! Their attention spans are short, and they constantly say things like curate and call themselves creatives. Everyone is creative, duh. Haha. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Jenn says:

    Those sandals are EVERYTHING! So pretty and I can’t believe the price! Gorgeous!
    Love your funnies as always, girl! Hope you have a good weekend!!

  10. Owen Davis says:

    HAHA I painted my nails last night and was literally WORTHLESS for the next hour. “Babe can you please switch the laundry to the dryer, my nails are wet. Babe can you please unload the dishwasher, my nails are wet. Can you please feed the dog, my nails are wet.”

  11. I always try to paint my nails when I’ve got a load of computer work to do… otherwise I’m hopeless! And I always need to go to the bathroom JUST after slapping on a fresh coat. Never fails…. Have a great weekend!

  12. Loving your funnies! The nails one… the struggle is for real! Without fail every time! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Chesson @ Magnolia & Main says:

    I’m still loving that black maxi dress of yours – too perfect for the summer! Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Those sandals! Ah! You are so flawless – always! Happy weekend friend! xo

  15. Emily says:

    Me! Me! Count me in for a daily challenge!

    Now if I could only get off my butt, my computer, and do those 20 Burpees and such…

  16. Marie says:

    I totally don’t paint my nails at home because I can never wait for them to dry. I always ruin them. haha
    Girl, you know I have those eyes on those wedges!! Hope you have a great weekend.

  17. Love the back of that maxi! Those fringe sandals are fun, too! And your funnies, especially the one about the blogger, are of course on point! Happy Weekend, girlfriend! xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  18. Darcy says:

    Those Chloe wedges are gorgeous but I can’t imaging paying that much for a trendy shoe! I will have to check out the dupe!!

  19. Pinky says:

    Love your entire outfit, lady! So fun for spring!

  20. Those sandals are adorable! And that recipe, you had me a caramelized onions! Hope you have a great weekend and catch up on stuff and eat something better than that freezer burned veggie burger!

  21. The nail painting struggle is so real. I always manage to mess at least one up almost instantly.

  22. Hahha lovely post, love your maxi dress at the top! Xx

  23. I have those shoes too and I think they will be on my feet for brunch tomorrow! I do the same thing with at home mani’s lol. Have a great weekend hun!

  24. Ashley says:

    I hate having wet nails… I feel so helpless! Have the best weekend lady!

  25. Dana Ivy says:

    Just randomly came across your blog and love it! I also linked up to you as well!! Have the best weekend. Can’t wait to be back and read more!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  26. first, your pics look like they’re out of a magazine! totally nailed it with the gifs. needed those today!

  27. The Chris Brown song is definitely a feel good summer song! Love the anywhere workout – it’ll be a great addition to what I’ve been doing. And yesss to those fringe sandals – so perfect for a wedding I’ve got coming up! Have a great weekend!

  28. Lily says:

    That first picture…yes! I love EVERYTHING…the shoes, the print, the BAG!
    Love the flat lay post too!
    And your funnies…on point! Haha! I HATE leaving the house on Sunday’s too…and the social media mogul…LOL!!!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  29. i painted my nails the other day and of course, i had to use the washroom right after. #rage.

  30. Lindsay says:

    I try those shoes on every time I am at Target and haven’t just tossed them in the cart yet. They’re SO adorable! Hope you have the best weekend and it doesn’t involve a frostbitten veggie burger :)

  31. Those fringe sandals are gorgeous and the price is perfect. Love that whole outfit with the matching watch and purse.

  32. Can’t believe those are Target heels! So cute! And such a good find on the Chloe dupes – I can handle that price point much better ;)

  33. Those sandals are SO cute! Definitely going to be ordering those!

  34. Tiffany says:

    I need those fringe sandals in my life! No where to wear them, but I need them. And the polish…. Every freaking time.

  35. I hope you had a nice break weekend! I swear my next unstressful non busy weekend is probably the weekend after our wedding, in October. lol If that tells you how crazy it’s all been. (;

  36. kristen says:

    oooooh those wedges are cute! hmm that weekly challenge looks intense, i really should try something like that at home in addition to my gym workouts/running. like why not lol bikini season is coming up!

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