Beach Workouts – Printable Workout to Take Anywhere

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I only live about 30-45 minutes away from some of the most world renown beaches in the United States.  Now, you may remember that I didn’t grow up a Florida gal.  I was raised right outside of Boston, so I know about those long Winters and the few months of warmth. Even though I am insanely over scheduled, whenever I get a free second, I try to get to the beach for some relaxation.  My parents currently reside in Sarasota, so when we head down there for a visit, we make it a priority to try to get to the beach at some point. Siesta Key is one of my absolute favorites.  The only thing I will tell you is get there early.  The beach parking after 10am is a war zone.  I am not kidding.  Since I try to avoid the damaging effects of the sun and I try to fit in workouts whenever I can.  I took this last opportunity for a quick beach workout before we headed back up to Tampa!


Beach abs workout

When I was done with the workout, I packed one of the 1915 Bolthouse Farms™ Organic Protein beverages with me.  Protein after a workout is one of my daily staples.  What I really like about this product is it is dairy free.  I don’t drink regular cows milk and I actually switch all my patients over to almond milk whenever they have any cholesterol issues.  The 1915 protein drinks are made with almond milk, are vegan and the protein comes from pea protein.  I am always on the lookout for how protein is added to any product because the majority of time it is laden with cholesterol.  This is seriously my holy grail drink.  It contains 12 grams of plant-based proteins and it meets all my strict requirements when it comes to protein supplementation.  The 1915 are non-GMO, organic, non-dairy, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients.  See I told you it meets everything!

BolthouseBolthouse Organic Protein Beverages Bolthouse Organic Protein Beverages Bolthouse Organic Protein Beverages Bolthouse Organic Protein Beverages Bolthouse Organic Protein Beverages Bolthouse Organic Protein Beverages

This particular product comes in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and coffee.  I like the coffee during my work days and tend to save the vanilla and chocolate for post workout drinks.  I’ve even mixed the vanilla one with some ice, spinach, and a little bit of almond butter….smoothie heaven.  The best part is they actually keep me full until lunch time which is not an easy task for most protein drinks.


I definitely encourage you to check out this new line and 1915 is giving one lucky reader a box to try!  The giveaway starts June 15th and runs through the 30th.  You must be over 18 and in the US.  Good luck!

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26 responses to “Beach Workouts – Printable Workout to Take Anywhere”

  1. The coffee drink sounds absolutely delicious — especially for first thing in the morning. I will definitely be checking those drinks out. I have always struggled finding a protein drink that I like and that doesn’t make me feel extremely bloated afterwards.

  2. All of these sound yummy! The coffee one is perfect for the morning! Who doesn’t love a good workout on the beach too? <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. The instability of the sand definitely makes it a great place for a workout! Haven’t tried those drinks yet but they sound great! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  4. Nadine says:

    Guess I shouldn’t be lazy on my beach trip next month and try out this workout haha. That sports bra is fabulous, especially the back!!! I don’t think I have seen those exact drinks before, but I have tried other stuff from that brand and liked it.

  5. Lindsay says:

    I have been wanting to try a protein drink; my doctor recommends me increasing my protein, and these look perfect! Fingers crossed I win the giveaway. Also, I have had Justin take a picture of me planking before to see my form, and I look like a fat cow. You look amazing and I love your outfit!!

  6. Kristina says:

    The drinks all sound wonderful but more importantly…where is your outfit from?

  7. Zelle says:

    Such great workout tips! I struggle with getting enough protein in my diet so this would be a great option! And I love that beach bag!

    Southern Style

  8. Gina says:

    I’ve never had that protein drink! I am too distracted imagining how amazing a beach workout would be… not likely for this Nebraska girl ;)
    Love those pants!

  9. I have never seen this, I will have to look for it, sounds right up my alley. I love their dressings. I am getting that beach bag and the tassel heels from Target in the mail today!! You are looking great on the beach! I wish I lived closer to it!

  10. Lindsay says:

    I am all about non-dairy protein. I haven’t seen these yet, but I will definitely be picking them up when I do! Coffee flavored protein shakes are my fave (never enough coffee!) I love the ab workout too! Your form is beyond perfect!

  11. Nichole says:

    You’re killing me with those poses – in a good way! I am having barre flashbacks…The day I can hold my plank, will be an ah-mazzzing day for me. These protein drinks sound yummy!

  12. Kayla MKOY says:

    Look how fun your workout pants always are! Love it. I agree about siesta key- SO gorgeous but wow, parking is crazy!

  13. Tiffany says:

    I’ve seen Blothouse drinks but never these ones! I’ll definitely check them out. I love non-whey protein and drinks. Egg protein is actually my favorite.

  14. I’ve never seen these drinks in stores either but I’m interested to learn more about pea protein… I know whey can be SUPER yucky depending on how it’s processed!

  15. Jaelan says:

    I needed a short workout for today! Consider it done.
    I’m a big fan of protein, too. Every morning I’ve been making a smoothie with 2 humongous handfuls of fresh spinach, 1 large carrot, just a smidge less than a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 a banana and 3/4 scoop of my favorite protein powder.

  16. Jenn says:

    Something to do on the beaches of Greece! ;)

  17. Dana Ivy says:

    I worked out for the first time yesterday since being pregnant! It was amazing! This routine seems totally doable! Love it!

    Xox Dana Ivy //

  18. I have heard about Bolthouse drinks but I have never drank one–they sound amazing! It is always good to find a tasty drink that packs protein as well as veggies! I will have to check it out! And I love your printable workout! I am always looking for new good workouts and this one looks amazing!

  19. can we pause over that beach bag? totally love!

  20. Emelia says:

    You look phenomenal. Planks are so great, but I never look as graceful as you do! haha

  21. Ashley says:

    If only I could hop down to the beach for a morning workout! Saving these for future trips!

  22. Okay this is EPIC! I’m going to try out the try out. Going to somewhere tropical in August! ALSO, #StrongIsTheNewSkinny <3

  23. Amanda says:

    Love these workouts – you make them look so easy :) and those drinks sound delicious and like they’d be great for a meal or snack on the go too!

  24. I drink the Bolthouse chai protein drink all the time! It’s like my go to weekend shopping drink when I know I won’t be getting enough calories in that day! But, ok….. super envious of these beach snaps! (;

  25. Meg says:

    I know this is about the drinks, but that top and those pants are amazing. Thanks for some workout tips. I need to have a few new ab exercises for my workout!

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