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Hello dolls!  How is your week going so far?  Checking in with a few of my tech favorites that are currently making my life easier.  You know that I love sharing all my currents favs with you.  So let’s get right into it.


Dyson Fan



I had talked about this before and wanted to give you an update.  I am still totally loving this fan/air purifier.  Dyson seriously makes the most genius products right?  So it’s a bladeless fan that cools and heats.  The best part is it also purifies the air.  I set it to auto and it comes on whenever it detects pollutants in the air.  The other night Mark was searing steaks and there was a ton of smoke in the air, that fan kicked up like we had never heard it before.  That was the true test to me.  It detected all the smoke and cleared the air within a few minutes.  You can also download the app which allows you to see the air quality and control the fan speed.  I love this feature when I’m in bed and super lazy.  I don’t have to get up to turn the fan speed up or down.



I placed it in our bedroom and I now wake up less stuffy, sneezing less, and my seasonal allergies are better.  It is pricey but worth the investment.  If you are a Costco member, I believe they are on sale currently here.  This has been such a miracle worker and I can definitely tell a difference after having it for the past few months.



SD Card Reader for iPhone 


Have you bought the SD iPhone card reader yet?  I seriously do not know how I lived without it.  Instead of having to email all your pictures to your phone and then open them for Instagram.  You can just plug in your SD card and save whatever pictures your need to your camera roll.  This has made a MAJOR difference with traveling.  I don’t have to worry about syncing with wifi.  Just plug in the connector, stick your SD card in and your high-quality shots are available to import right into your phone.  It is genius and also such an affordable price point.  Oh, and you can get it on Amazon here.



Ava Women Watch



We are coming up on two years of being married, crazy right?!?!?  It’s about that time as my inlaws are reminding me at every holiday function.  You know I am very well researched on whatever I put my mind to.  Well, those stupid OPK sticks are insanely expensive and infuriating.  My mother kept on hounding me about basal temping. I bought a thermometer and no lie it sat on my nightstand for 6 months.  Who can honestly remember to do that every single morning, at the same time, before you talk, or move, or breath hahahahaha.  I found this Ava Ovulation watch on Pinterest and I was so intrigued.  It obtains your true basal temperature by a skin tracking on your wrist.  I put it on when I go to bed and then sync it to the app in the morning.  It tracks your sleep patterns, physiological stress levels, heart rate (which increases before you ovulate).  It is clinically proven to give 5 fertile days per cycle.  It is backed by clinical studies and just like I tell my students, peer-reviewed journals.  The medical background in me finds temperature tracking such a fascinating thing.  I’m so happy to stop buying those insane OPK sticks.  The only thing I will tell you is that it tracks your skin temperature which is lower than oral readings.  My only suggestion would be for the app to sync the numbers in a chart form that can be tracked.  So if you are “trying” and keep on forgetting to take your temp first thing in the morning, then this tracker is definitely for you.


Remote and Tripod



I feel like once I got a tripod, I really stepped up my blogging photography.  Especially when it comes to taking lay flats or styled product pictures.  You get such sharper pictures when you take the natural shake out of your hand. Also, if you want to shoot any night time photography, then a tripod is a must.

(shutter speed 0.8 seconds, F-Stop 2.8, ISO 160)


I bought a remote that I can shoot if in a pinch and I need to get something live and I can’t beg Mark or my friend Julie to help me.

(shot with a tripod, I’m holding the remote with my left hand)



Depending on what camera you have, you can also install an app which allows you to shoot from the app.  This is so cool because you can also adjust your manual settings.  You can see the lighting and how the shot is looking right in the app.  Here is a quick video on how to pair them.



Alright, there you have it!  Some of my favorite tech tools that are currently making my life that much easier!  Tell me one that you are loving and helping you right now!  I would love to hear all about it!  Have you heard of these products before?



15 responses to “Current Favorite Tech Products”

  1. Jane says:

    That dyson fan looks amazing! And, I so agree with the remote, it has helped my picture game SO much!!

  2. Ashley says:

    How have I not ordered the sd card reader yet?! That seriously would make things so much easier when traveling!

  3. Love these! I have a connector for my camera to iPad but had not seen the SD card reader for iPhone, awesome! Thanks for all the recs!

  4. Okay I need that SD card! I have one that uses wifi and the connection is always terrible – it takes sooo long! Thank you for the recommendation!

  5. Biana says:

    We have a dyson and only use it during the winter when we don’t want to use the heat throughout the house, but it’s not as fancy as yours LOL! I bought the SD card reader for our trip in March!!

  6. Pamela says:

    I have a tripod and I NEVER use it. Such a blogger fail there! That SD card is such a lifesaver when traveling, genius! And I know all about the inlaw thing ;) At least yours waited a little while, mine we’re asking me at the wedding reception haha!

  7. Sierra says:

    I’ve been tossing the idea around of getting a tripod and remote and now I think I need to just go for it! I’m always bugging my husband and sister for pictures.
    Beautifully Candid

  8. Great round up! I need that dyson fan, sounds amazing! I have had that SD card reader in my cart since the last time you mentioned it, buying now. I had my first photography class last night and I finally can understand some of these terms you are using! I need a tripod and some lighting assistance, I am so inspired!

  9. Camille says:

    I love that SD card reader! On my last trip, I didn’t even bring my computer (sort of by accident, but still) and just used the card reader and edited the pics right on my phone! love it :)

  10. Annessa says:

    I’m not a big tech person, but all of these are so on point – I’ve never heard of any of them before but feel like I need them all in my life. That phone SD card reader is especially genius and an app that syncs with your camera to take photos!? Need! My only tech must have of the moment is my Plantronics Back Beat Fit bluetooth headphones – I’m obsessed with them,


  11. Lindsay says:

    Love your gadget and tech finds, you always find the best stuff! Ummm does this mean there’s a baby in the potential future?!

  12. Kristina says:

    I love ALL the gadgets- mostly that SD card connecter. Never heard of that!! And I just got a Canon mirrorless camera and it has a flip up screen and the app that lets you take photos remotely. It is a game changer!!

    xo, Kristina

  13. Nadine says:

    I totally need to get the iphone SD card reader!!! And I think once I start playing with the fancy camera, that tripod with remote would come in handy! You always find the coolest stuff!

  14. Tiffany says:

    I need that fan asap. Going to hound Kellen about it. And seriously the SD card reader is life changing! So glad you found that.

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