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During my pregnancy I can honestly say I was really proud of my workouts.  I not only taught barre classes well into my third trimester but also tried to take class a few times a week.  Even when my raging reflux made ab work excruciating, I powered on through because I loved the feeling of calm and accomplishment when I was done.  The first few months after my little one was born was a complete whirlwind.  No one really prepares you for what true sleep deprivation does to your body.  I put him on a strict eating and sleeping schedule and I am proud to say that he pretty much sleeps through the night on a routine basis.  He is exclusively nursed and I haven’t introduced solids.  I have a 7pm sharp bedtime routine that I have been so faithful to that this child knows when it is time to go to bed. Now, four months later, I feel like I’m truly coming up for air.  I have a daycare that I feel very comfortable with and I’m back to work on a semi part-time/full-time basis.   The one thing I have not gotten back into is my fitness.  I just feel like when I’m home with my little guy, the last thing I want to do is leave him and go to a class.  I know he will only be this little for such a short amount of time that I don’t want to miss a thing.  I have made it a point to be really engaged when I’m with him.  I put my phone in the other room and I’m on the ground with him on his play mat.  I’m reading him 10 books a day.  I’m singing and dancing with him in my kitchen.  I just want him to know that I’m fully present with him.


Now, I really don’t care for the expression when someone says “you have your body back” after having a baby.  In my mind, it will never be the same and I am totally okay with that.  I created and grew a tiny human inside of me for 9+ months and I’m now currently sustaining that child entirely myself.  It’s such an amazing concept and I don’t want it to go back because in my mind, I’m a completely different being now.  Exercising is so good for your aerobic health so I have made sure to incorporate walks a few times a week but I’ve started to become creative with my strength training.


I have slowly started to add at home workouts.  I get down on the floor when Patrick is on his play mat and try to increase my plank times.  Planks are seriously one of the best bang for your buck workout.   Or I put him on my stomach and do bridge lifts.  I also will hold onto him and do a combo of squats, lunges, and a few tuck under barre seat moves.  He loves being held and I get to add a 14 lbs weight to my lower body exercises.  This way I can build back up my strength but I’m not losing any time away from my kiddo.


Let’s be honest, a big motivator for working out for me is the cute gear.  I am pretty picky with my barre leggings because they have to stand the test to teaching and taking.  I was so excited to try out The North Face active wear line.  These Perfect Core High-Rise Tights hit at the perfect mid-waist area, have that buttery soft texture, great compression, and are quick drying.  I opted for navy since I definitely have enough black leggings.


I love the back cutout detail of this Afterburn Tank Top.  It’s lightweight and breathable which is very helpful in the Florida heat.  Isn’t the pattern so fun?  This is one of those athleisure wear type of tops that is functional for working out but then still looks super cute to grab a coffee in later.


I rounded out the outfit with these Mountain sneakers.  They are lightweight and have great traction.  I feel really steady working out in them and they are adorable to run errands in as well.


I am so excited to be working with Zappos again.  I am all about customer service and Zappos leads the pack in this department.  If you ever have a problem they fix it no questions asked.  Plus, their shipping speed is unheard of.  I swear they must have a warehouse fulfillment in my town because I always get my order the next day.  Being a momma with a little person, I pretty much entirely shop online now.  Knowing that I can get my order so quickly is another reason I consistently order with Zappos.


Getting back into working out after having a baby has been a challenge for me.  I have definitely had to be more creative and give myself a lot of grace when it comes to being a little more forgiving on myself.  The things I used to do with no problem are now not so second nature to me.  I am working on building back up my strength and having high quality gear to support me makes such a difference. Thank you to The North Face and Zappos for sponsoring this post and for the brands that work with Meet at the Barre.


6 responses to “Zappos + The North Face Workout Gear”

  1. Biana says:

    You’ll never lose the desire to keep fit and now more than ever you want to be that way for patrick to be able to do all the fun things with him! You look fantastic and you feel great which is the most important thing! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  2. Heather says:

    I’m not a mama, but I love what you said about not getting your body back because it’s totally different now after giving birth and providing for a child. Yay for online shopping and things showing up the next day!

  3. Nadine says:

    It is really hard to get back in to routine after baby!! I am still struggling 16 months later. I am the same as you, not wanting to take any time I do get with Zoe away. She is in daycare five days a week and I try to make up for every moment by being as present as possible as well. I have been waking up at 4am and trying to get my workout in before she wakes up for the day. Its exhausting! I think you look fabulous and I love how you found a way to sneak in some moves while including Patrick. Super mama!

  4. You look awesome in the new gear! It sounds like you are doing what is best for you and Patrick! I like how you are adding in planks and walks, they seem like the best way to ease in.

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. Lindsay says:

    Working out after baby is SO hard because of everything you said. It’s just so hard to give up that precious time with them, but I love how you’re incorporating it!

  6. Kate says:

    Cute workout gear is the best motivator! And get it girl teaching barre well into your 3rd trimester! I attribute keeping up with Bar Method 3-4 days a week plus yoga up until my due date to staying healthy and keeping the excess pregnancy weight off. And can we talk about how many wonderful high-rise workout leggings were great throughout my pregnancy and now a year and a half later?

    So glad you’re loving the daycare, and in a great routine. It’s so nice to feel like yourself again, and the happiness is unparalleled with the sweet little one. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

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