My Breastfeeding Journey

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When I was pregnant with Patrick and I thought about the post-partum period, I knew with 100% certainty I was going to breastfeed him.  I told every nurse on the mom-baby unit and made sure to listen to each one of them give me advice because you take a little bit of knowledge with techniques from every individual.  I knew I was going to breastfeed because I had a great support system who also did as well.  My mother had six children whom she nursed all of them.  She was also very involved with the La Leche league and had a career in post-partum Health Care helping women nurse their babies.  My sister also successfully nursed all three of her kids beyond a year of age. I definitely had the path blazed for me and the support that you need especially in the beginning.


Breastfeeding should be the most natural thing but you have so many questions and self-doubt.  It really is a leap of faith when you don’t see the ounce markers in a bottle going in.  You have to rely on good wet diapers, a content baby, and those weigh-ins at the Pediatrician appointments.  I was very lucky that Patrick latched right away and was not a fussy baby.  Everyone always says that babies feed off your energy so I tried to be as calm as possible and I really feel like he picked up on those vibes.  I absolutely love the bond that I have with him and knowing that not only I provided for him while I was pregnant but now for the first year as well.

I waited a full six weeks before I introduced a bottle until breastfeeding was really established.  That meant it was all on me for the first six weeks including all those night feedings.  I never really knew the true definition of sleep deprivation until I had a newborn.  Luckily he started stretching out those night feedings until I got him on a strict schedule.  My little guy is totally me, he loves being on a schedule and having a routine.  When I went back to work, the breastfeeding journey shifted to adding pumping sessions and bottles to his life.  He took to the bottle no problem but I make sure to always nurse him when I’m home.

Now that he is older and seriously the most nosy baby ever!  He does not want to miss out on any of the action. I have to nurse him in a dark quiet room otherwise he constantly pops off to see what is going on.  He also has teeth so I can’t be distracted when I feed him or he will remind me that he is my top priority.  His two bottom teeth came in at 6 months and I think he is trying to work on his top teeth. His new favorite past time is trying to bite my nose or shoulder to help relieve some of that pain.  He has never been really into traditional toys to help with teething.  What he prefers to do is chew on anything that either Mark or I am wearing.  That is why I love this teething necklace from Qalo.  It’s actually a two-fold love.  First, he always plays with my necklace when I nurse him.  It’s a delicate gold necklace and I’m always afraid he is going to break it because he yanks so hard on it.

I put the Hexagon bead necklace on my nightstand and put it on whenever he is going to nurse.  That way he has something to play with instead of using those little claw hands to grab my hair or pinch my skin.  The cord is made of nylon paracord which can withstand even the toughest of all tugs.  Each of the teething necklaces is made of 100% food grade silicone and are FDA approved.  That gives me piece of mind knowing that he will be gnawing away at safe materials.  I had the tag necklace stamped with his birthdate which is a nice customizable special feature.

Now that he is older and curious, these are great to have on to keep him busy and entertained.  He loves spinning the Hexagon bead necklace pieces around and chewing on them.  Sometimes I stick them in the fridge before I wear them and that helps soothe his teething gums.

I can’t believe I am less than 4 months away from my breastfeeding goal of one year!  Patrick has been in our lives for 8 months but I seriously cannot even remember what it’s like not to have him around.  He is such a happy baby and lights up every room.  He is so engaging and brings a smile to everyone’s face around him.  I have loved the special bond that I have with him by nursing knowing that not only I am sustaining him but giving him comfort.  I’m so fortunate that my breastfeeding journey has been such a positive one and I try to give as much guidance to all my friends who are on their own path as well.  Tell me about your feeding journey!


3 responses to “My Breastfeeding Journey”

  1. Alex says:

    I actually loved breastfeeding both of my kids and I miss it now that they’re older…but we were lucky in that it came more or less easily (even though my older one was VERY fussy). Way to stick with it! Also I have a December 5 baby as well – and he will be 10 this year! Don’t blink!

  2. Nadine says:

    He is the cutest! Zoe always had (and still has) a habit of pulling on my necklaces too. That teething necklace is so cute! Doesn’t even looking like a teething one like a lot of others I have seen. Way to go on 8 months of breastfeeding!

  3. Kay R. says:

    He is so adorable!! Love his little face. Glad your journey with BF is going smoothly.

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