Things I’m Digging Lately First Inaugural Volume

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Alright here is the first one!  Instead of scattering products and fashion throughout the week I thought I’d give it a try of putting it all together.  Let me know what you think!  Things I’ve been digging lately.  I really try to find things at affordable prices that look high end and pair it with one of two investment or staple pieces.  That way the trendy pieces may last one season but the staple pieces will hold up for many seasons!

Okay so I’ve been doing lots of online stalking in regards to Summer clothes and I felt like it was time to bite the bullet and actually venture to the mall to see these picks in real life. My thoughts exactly every time I step inside…..

Before I dive into it I got so many questions about the pink skinnies yesterday.

Well clearly Nordstroms was listening and loves us.  They just put those exact ones on major discount!  Like 40% off!  Still an investment pair but J Brand holds up incredibly well and I promise you will be wearing them on repeat!  Scoop it before all the sizes disappear (that always happens to me when I ponder a sale purchase!)  Find them by clicking on this link!  (that is to help my non blogging friends….anything that is pink click on it ;-)

I really don’t love going to the mall because of well…..people.  However I thought going late on Sunday before closing would lead to less crowds…..wrong.  

Anyways my first step was Bare Minerals because I heard their new liquid foundation came out.  Those houdinis magicians were back at it again but I was good and only came out with the things I was looking for… two additional products.  What that said I am obsessed with the two new additions.  First one is this

bareMinerals Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser

My skin is super sensitive and usually doesn’t tolerate gritty exfoliators without turning my face a nice shade of red.  However my skin has been super dry and the girl who did my makeup pretty much told me “yeah out of all the products….you need this one for sure”.  It sloughed off the dead skin and my face was super smooth, brighter and not irritated.  You mix it with a little water and it turns into a paste that gently exfoliates.  She also said that people mix it with things like greek yogurt or honey and make a mask with it…..I mean sounded kinda weird but I’ll let you know maybe on one of my solo nights.  You can find it here.

bareMinerals Prime Time BB Primer Cream with SPF 30

I haven’t found one primer yet that hasn’t immediately broken out my skin.  This one changed that theory. Completely evened out my skin tone, has the perfect hint of color and has SPF 30. For during the week I have been using this with just a swipe of bronzer and it’s plenty of coverage and color. Oh and a little goes a long way! This should last forever.  Check it here.

Then I made my way to Sephora to exchange a mascara I never used and bought another one of these. Have you tried it yet?  It is so amazing!

Perfekt lash

Then I made my way over to Forever 21.  I mean please tell me why you bring your screaming children in there????  

It ended up being worth it because I got my hands on some of the pieces I have been coveting online. Alright I’m telling you this now.  The online store and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love it because I don’t have to step over screaming children in the store.  I hate it because everything I love sells out immediately.  Like just disappears off the site. So I recommend if you like it.  Buy it now before it goes away forever.

I was in the market for some Summery no fuss shirts.  Like throw them on with some shorts and off I go kind of things.  I hit some jackpots.

First this top.  Doesn’t it look super high end?  Like just scored it from Anthropologie?  Nope it’s from F21 and it’s $15.80.  Imagine it with white shorts or linen pants?  Find it here.  Runs true to size I’m a size small in this one.

Remember this tank?

The black one looks way better in person….the white one shows lots of wrinkles.  If you have a steamer then yes…..but otherwise it might drive you nuts.  The black one on the other hand…..amazing.  Looks very expensive, great drape and fits perfectly.  Of course it’s not online anymore.  Keep an eye out for it to come back online or brave your store (I found it crammed in-between two other shirts #sheerluck).  For $13.80 it’s a total steal!  Runs true to size I am a small in this one.

Oh and I also saw some things I liked online but did not like in person like this.

love the color and the open back.  In real life….the material is super wrinkled.  I can’t imagine if you sweated a tiny bit….would not bode well with this shirt.

My absolute favorite find?  This shirt.  It just came back into stock (naturally). Please try to ignore the awful shorts they paired it with….makes the back look so wide when it really isn’t!

I am obsessed with all things open and interesting backs.  Let’s see it in real life.

I wore it with a strapless bra or a sheer cami would also work.  Love it and less than $15.  I paired it with short shorts and heels.  Check it here.  Imagine with a big clutch…perfect for Summer brunching!

Do you need a perfect black dress that fits incredibly well, looks super high end and is 
appropriate in length for once?  Then look no further.  I love the tiny cutouts on the top.  Also super affordable! Check it here.  Look how well it fits!  I’m stalking the blush one to come back in a small.  Would be amazing for all things bridal showers.

Then because I love to torture myself I went to Nordstroms on the way out.  I love that store.  Picked up a few things including this maxi.  It’s on sale!  Basic black maxi’s will be on repeat this Summer!

Black Maxi

With this fringe necklace.

fringe necklace

Oh and with these sandals because I love all things Toms and aren’t they so cute?  It is their newest style and are so comfortable!

Toms T-Strap Sandals

Last thing.  I just got this case.  

I love it.  I wanted the iPhone in gold but my upgrade is like not till forever.  Oh Amazon to the rescue.  It is thin and the lock button on the top is seriously lightning fast. Check it out.

What things have been on your radar? What things are you on the hunt for?  Let me know I love a good challenge! Can’t wait for some confessions tomorrow with Kathy!  So good for the soul to cleanse like that.

p.s I am now going crazy trying to find engagement picture outfits.  What do you like the best?  Short dresses? Maxis?  Colors?  Bridal white and lace?  See going crazy!  xoxoxo

p.p.s I just heard Mark yell out “she doesn’t need a large fry and ice cream?”  What the……oh okay he just heard my neighbor order that at midnight…..and so the thin wall continue.  With that I hope you have a great day!

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60 responses to “Things I’m Digging Lately First Inaugural Volume”

  1. Jess says:

    Forever 21 has been killing it lately with the summer colors. I just bought a bunch of stuff from there and am tempted by more.

  2. Love that red top and the black dress! Can’t go wrong with a LBD!!

  3. Kiki says:

    Love the floral top! I am in need of a shopping trip for some summer clothes!

  4. So many great finds – that BB cream sounds amazing!! I’m usually not a fan of Toms but those sandals are really cute!! I’m going to scour the interwebs to find you the perfect engagement outfits lol! xo doll!

  5. Becky M says:

    Bahahaha that first quote!! I just love the office. I vote for a maxi for your engagement pictures! They are pretty much my favorite style right now. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! So exciting!!

  6. those sandals! i’m a huge fan of Toms shoes so i must lurk those right meow!!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Kristen says:

    stop it with all the awesome!!
    yes that is exactly how i feel at the mall, we have 2 malls and on saturday i went to the ‘smaller’ one – its not really smaller, it just has the more high end / less forever 21 stores and it was a bit better but still too many people for me.
    those pink skinnies look amazing on you. i am positive they would look horrendous on me, but you very convincing my dear!
    ok but seriously, i love all the f21 tops you found – none of them look like they do online, they all look heaps better on you. the black one is gorgeous, and i love the open back one.
    and SHUT UP that dress is not from forever 21? looks like i am going to have to visit soon, not making another online order in case it doesnt fit haha.
    i have been looking for a black maxi, gorgeous! and the blue one in that dress is so pretty too. how long is it on you? it sounds pretty short, womp womp. i dont think we have an actual nordstroms here, so cant go try it on.
    i think your first ‘digging it’ post absolutely rocked my socks and i cant wait for more!! love ya girl xo

  8. Loved this post- You did get some beautiful stuff from Forever 21 *though I agree with your thoughts on screaming children!* I love the red/pint shirt and the black dress, so cute and great prices!
    I am also digging those Toms t-strap sandals, I love my regular Toms, but those are just so cute I’m thinking I need to invest in a pair too!

    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Going into a store with screaming children is the worst! I´m glad at least your trip was worth it.
    I am in love with all your fashion tastes and recommendations. I wish I spent more money though on clothes, I tend to wear the same thing over and over until it rips, and then I´ll go buy something new.

    You should scout out color short dresses for the engagement shoot. Are you going to change into different outfits?

  10. kicking myself for not buying that black tank when it was in stock!! ah well ill be stalking forever 21! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  11. Um LOVE all your Forever 21 finds! So cute!!! And that cell phone case… yeah I think that needs to be in my life immediately. I’m kinda sick of the Lifeproof case I’ve had on it for over a year! Although knowing me the second I take the case off I’ll drop it in the toilet or something… hmm….

    <3, Pamela

  12. I need to try that exfoliating cleanser – do you use it every day or just now and then?


  13. JumpingJE says:

    I love all of it but especially you in the black dress. Add heels…. dayumn girl – date night!

  14. Tracey says:

    I love seeing things on real people. Gives you such a good idea of how things will fit…but on you everything fits like a dream! I just love your style girl.

  15. You are gorgeous my dear! Loving the skinnies and the black tank the most on you! ALSO checking out that primer now! Thanks love! xoxo

  16. Rebecca Jo says:

    OK – I’m a photographer & I do tons of engagement sessions. Try & keep it simple. Too much pattern is over kill in pictures & can clash with backgrounds…If you have one print – keep it one print. I love dresses in pictures – wear something comfortable that is good with bending, sitting, moving. Then have pants as another outfit – good mix in pictures. Also – watch the make up – you don’t want it really heavy, especially around the eyes – when you smile, it makes your eyes close & a lot of make up just gives you raccoon eyes. You’ll do great in them, I’m sure. … & something I always tell my couples, pick YOUR outfit first, then coordinate the guys from that… keep him in something simple, solid. Let him be your accessory :)

  17. Don’t you hate when something looks totally different in person?! Usually I’m too lazy to check it out in the store first though, so, I give you props for that!
    I WANT FRIES AND ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This post is awesome – please keep doing it! You scored some major finds at Forever21 – looks like it’s time to make my monthly venture to the mall to stop in there … also, that fringe necklace from Nordstrom? I’m drooling over it. Okay, not literally, but I LOVE it. It will look amaze with a black maxi.

  19. Mree says:

    Love this post!! I feel the same way with people at the mall. I cannot shop when its crowded. Sunday afternoons are one of the worst times to go. Mondays and Tuesday evenings are the best. While I love Forever 21, I just can’t go into that store on weekends. It’s overwhelming. Always a screaming child! always!! Love that black dress you got! So nice! I need those Tom sandals. love love love tom’s.
    Happy Tuesday!!
    Best, Mree

  20. Oh Forever 21 is such a double edge sword! I have a couple of great pieces that I’ve had forever and a few things that fell apart before I even wore them.

    That black maxi should be one of your engagement pictures for sure!

  21. Lisa says:

    Hey Amanda!! OMG your clothes are beautiful!! Those pink skinnies and those gorgeous tops!! I love F21 clothes but sadly I don’t fit into them.. sniff* But I still get to enjoy their jewelry lol! And because I have seriously sensitive skin and the iv’e always been interested in the Bare Minerals products, particularly these ones- so this was super helpful! Great post Amanda! Oh and btw, I have subscribed to keep up to date! :) Talk soon lovely and bye for now!! XO


  22. P!nky says:

    I think i’m going to buy that maxi dress…drat haah

  23. Gina says:

    ooooh, I love the LBD on you and that black maxi is fabulous. Love the phone case too.
    XO, Gina

  24. You’re killing me with the Toms flats and sandals, I want them!!! Love ALL of the clothes in this post too :)

  25. Emily says:

    Love all the tops you bought! They look so good on you and the black dress, perfect for bridal showers etc! Nice retail therapy sesh! lol

  26. MarlaJan says:

    Ooooh, I love all the things!!!! I’m obsessed with open back/different back shirts, and I love that floral top. Im on the phone with Brie (my sister- and we are bitching (read: totally jealous) how amazing you look in those pink pants.

  27. I give you serious props for braving Forever 21. I get serious anxiety when ever I’m in there and have zero patience for searching through racks on top of racks. I wish I could dig through everything! You came out with some major steals. LOVE that black tank on you.

    Did you end up trying the Bare Minerals foundation in store? It seemed super oily to me so I ended up not purchasing it when I tried it at Sephora.

    As far as engagement pictures goes…I’d say show off those amazing arms of yours! One formal-ish outfit and one that’s more casual. I’d also stay away from things that are super trendy since you’ll be looking at these photos from years to come…no one wants to see their beloved “bauble necklace” at age 40 haha

    xoxo, Jen

  28. I really love that black dress.

    I don’t like to mess with my face regimen too much but am intrigued by the Bare Minerals exfoliant.

  29. I love Bare Minerals powders! Most liquids break me out so so badly, that I am scurred to try…but since I have good luck with their other products I made need to try!

  30. Looks like you did some major shopping! Good finds though..I was just at forever 21 yesterday and I swear I almost got that floral top with the open back. I had too much though so it got cut ;)

  31. Savanna says:

    Love the Toms sandals!! So cute and right up my alley!

  32. love that gold case. you have the cutest clothes! i want to know more about this mascara!

  33. alyssa says:

    Yeah, we have the same mall thoughts. Get out of my way, people!
    I’ve been wanting to try the new Bare Minerals foundation too but maybe that BB Primer is more what I need. I don’t like thick foundation and usually stick with a tinted moisturizer and concealer. This stuff looks great though, I’m trying it on my next trip to Ulta. Thank you for sharing!!
    Also OH MY GOD THAT FIRST DRESS is exactly what I need and have been looking for forever. THANK YOU.
    For the engagement pictures, I always love the ones that look natural and actually true to the couple. Like if I just ran into you guys out on a lunch date, that’s what you’d be wearing. I see you in something fun and colorful but not too trendy {so the photos don’t like bizarre 50 years from now!} and casual. Just my $.02 :)

  34. Brianne says:

    I love the new clothes!!

  35. I’ve been looking for a new mascara and I have some money left on a Sephora gift card. I might have to check that out.

  36. I hate the mall too and I refuse to go… but I might have to make an exception for Forever 21 because I find that the things I want disappear too. Ugh… I am really into the tops right now and you scored big there… soo cute and expensive looking!! And BTW I got my bright pink skinnies at Old Navy 2 years ago and 5 more lbs and I can get them back on while breathing… wish me luck!!!

  37. i dont know what it is but i’m really into the maxi dresses now! i added 3 new ones to my wardrobe this year! i dont see that stopping me from getting anymore either! i like the black one you have! cute necklace to go with it.

    ive been eyeing these cute sandals from target but i’m too cheap to pay 23.00 when i know they will go on sale!

  38. brooke lyn says:

    did not expect that little black dress to be forever21 it looks too classy haha

  39. That floral top is great. And love the basic black dress. Some good finds this week!

  40. So much cuteness from F21! Returning 4 of the 6 things I just got in from them. Typical though ha. Love Mark’s comment haha but hate you can hear your neighbor ordering with late night munchies.

  41. oh my god I am in love with that black dress, I may need to go to F21 and try it on! I also really want to upgrade to a gold iphone, but that’s not happening anytime soon so I may need to get that case!

  42. Okay totally obsessed with that floral top! And it’s only $15, I’m oh so tempted! I definitely need to look into those skincare items. Lately everything has been irritating my face! Even the scrub I’ve repurchased like 4x! So annoying!

  43. I love Forever 21 entirely too much! Love all of your finds. But the screaming kids have got to go, haha!

  44. LOL! That last comment about the large fry and ice cream is just hilarious! That would be terrible to hear through the walls! :) I absolutely love the tops you found!! They look great on you too! I’m cutting myself off from shopping after the damage I did last week! Ooooppps!!!

  45. Hahaha! That first gif! So true! Dying over that top with the funky back! I have a back obsession too! The print is so pretty! Love that phone case!! I have the silver iphone because the gold was out of stock and I was too impatient! Might have to get that case!

    <3 Shannon

  46. Ohhhh I love that black maxi. I need it now!!!

    I haven’t checked out that mascara yet but I added it to my list to check out next time I am buying make up!

    I am interested in that Bare Minerals exfoliate. I have terribly sensitive skin and so it sounds like it would do me some good!

  47. Stacy G says:

    Love all your forever 21 stuff and always love a good black maxi! XO I’m giving my MAC mascara(haute and naughty) one more chance this time I got it in “too black” maybe it will be better lol. My sister swears by it and I am considering the fact that i might have not been tightening the top mascara well enough and maybe that is why it seemed to dry out quick! Here’s to hoping! XO

  48. Oh engagement photos are so fun! I was a bit rustic in mine and kinda wish I went a little more fancy. Think timeless!

  49. I can’t handle going into Forever 21… The lights are so bright, and there is no order, and it just gives me anxiety! Haha. I may have to try ordering online again.

    I love when people have on classic outfits in their engagement photos, but ultimately, they should be an expression of you!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  50. Hello :) I just want to let you know that I featured you on my recent post “Blog Crushes”. Check it out when you have a chance!

  51. Girl, you racked up! My husband and I did a little shopping last night and I was complaining that I couldn’t find anything summerish that wasn’t a plain cotton tee. Maybe I should check our F21!

  52. In love with those TB sandals you’re wearing!! …and those pink skinnies… LOVE!!!

  53. Krystal R. says:

    Love love love all the tops! I love the pink skinnies too but lets be honest my butt is way to big for that!!

  54. Forever21. I’m so jelly. We don’t have that here on Guam – I have to order everything so I don’t get to try before I buy. Lol. LOVE that black tank. I think I need to get me one. And hell yes to any kind of back details. Those are always the best finds. And btw, I’ve got a F21 giveaway going on right now too! We’re totally shop mates.

  55. Love your pink pants. They are so cute and the perfect pop of color!

  56. Joey says:

    I’m sorry but first of all can we please discuss the issue of you being so pretty? Seriously. You’re freaking gorgeous. Okay, now that that is out of the way–I fall victim to Bare Minerals every. single. time. There was a long while where it was THE ONLY MAKE UP I would use ever. It’s so worth it! Also–I need to come hang out and go shopping with you. I have no eye for fashion so I feel like I could use your help. And I can’t believe you braved forever21. I always think “Okay, maybe I can do this.” Walk in and turn around. “Nope.” <3

  57. That black dress is perfection! I’m 5’10 so I always have difficulties finding things to wear to work that aren’t too short. I have three varieties of black flowy tanks and yet I still find the urge to find that one and make it mine! I usually don’t like shopping online for clothes but I always do for F21 – the stores give me a major headache.

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