Confessions Plus a Few More Engagement Pictures!

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It feels like it has been forever that I have gotten some real confessions off my chest.  Let’s get right to it.

Vodka and Soda

First of all does it feel like the blogging land has looked a little bit like this lately?

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I clearly need to go on another vacation!

Mark and I were watching that new show on Starz called “Power”.  It’s about a big drug dealer turned club owner in New York and it’s produced by 50 Cent.  I don’t get Starz at home but Mark has “rich people channels” as I like to call them.  Anyways to make a long story short.  The opening intro song is like some baller 50 cent beat and I was busy writing away a post and I confess I pretty much completely forgot Mark was in the room and started couch jamming…..something that looked a little like this

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Maybe with ones of these sweet moves thrown in

(via tumblr)

then I realized I wasn’t alone and looked over to see this

(via tumblr)

then I pretty much felt like doing this

(via tumblr)

I can’t help it sometimes when that beat kicks in I just can’t contain it am I right?

I confess I felt nothing over the newest True Blood revelation.  I’m just finishing this season because I’ve watched all the other ones but seriously y’all how bad has it been?  So bad I literally was like “Oh really…..they got rid of him….alrighty“.  Then I continued eating my ice cream.

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I confess…..I took a to go Happy Hour adult libation to Trader Joe’s with me the last time I went.  I mean they have wine tastings all the time I thought a larger version was totally appropriate.  It made grocery shopping that much more enjoyable (that one was for you Shelby).

I confess I looked up what “Goodbye Felicia” meant after Mattie screamed it on our Summer guilty pleasure “Party Down South“. I thought it was her drinking name she was saying goodbye to……yeah I was wrong.

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I confess I ran into my neighbor rounding the corner and I basically almost trampled her and her 3 lbs white mini dog.  She then exclaimed to me “excuse us!!“…..oh I’m sorry I did not realize your 3 lbs addition counted as an “us“……”excuse me” I think would have been totally sufficent no?

I’ve done a lot of guest posts this Summer for all you lovely ladies who have been traveling and I put them in my planner when they are due.  I confess I was so behind last week after coming back from Chicago I emailed Pamela asking her when mine was going live and she responded “it already did…..on Monday“.

Then I kicked myself because I didn’t even post on Monday.  So you can check it here if you would like.  It’s about Rompers.  Which I love.  Until I have to go to the bathroom and then I pretty much feel like my 5 year old niece (Happy Birthday Avery!!!) That girl got a day in New York city with my sister, my mother (her Mimi if you will) her other grandmother and two aunts.  They went to the American doll store for lunch, then to a Broadway production of Cinderella.  Can I turn 5 again please?  I mean look at this face though I’m 100% guilty of spoiling her just as much especially since she is pretty much a mini me version.

See the shopping gene runs pretty rampant through our family…..we like to start at a young age.

I confess I want to show like every single one of our engagement pictures and Mark the other night asked if we were going to “roll them out in batches“.  I just about died.  It was so adorable.  I’m all about the suspense of the unveiling don’t you worry.  Check this one.  Amazing.  Sans bra and all.
Every picture he did in color he also gave in black and white
Love this one
I confess I have looked at these way too much!  Check back tomorrow I’m going to “release” a few more hahahaha  xoxoxoxoxo
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56 responses to “Confessions Plus a Few More Engagement Pictures!”

  1. JumpingJE says:

    Yeahhhhhh that tumbleweed is how I’ve felt recently for my presence in blog / social media world! I’m trying to jump back in, stick with me here!! :) Avery is the sweetest and I’ll be back for more engagement photos!

  2. Brianne says:

    I still have no clue what Bye Felicia is…

  3. Ashield says:

    LOL…the tumbleweed picture. I promise myself all the time that i’m going to remain consistent with my blogging. Our relationship is still struggling…That last picture is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see more xo

  4. I’m contributing to the tumbleweed. Love the cat in the couch. Beautiful engagement pics.

  5. MarlaJan says:

    I had to scroll real fast through your True Blood confession. Steve and I just started binging and in a week we are 3 episodes in to season 3. God, him and I early need to get out more. Your pics are gorgeous, I love the love and emotion in the last one!

  6. OMG those engagement pictures in the Bauman Center are SO gorgeous!! You look amazing! Also- I’m with you on the terrible-ness of True Blood. For some reason we keep watching, I guess because I keep thinking it can’t be that bad and its just one more season, but so boring now!

  7. another blogger finally told me what #byefelicia meant so that means i’m cool now that i’m in the know ;) and NO TRUE BLOOD SPOILERS! i haven’t seen sunday’s episode yet.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  8. Love your current release of your photos!! Can’t wait for the next installment! ;-)

  9. Kristen says:

    oh haha i had to google bye felicia because my friend says it all the time lol.
    and OMG i love the pictures, especially the last one, and yay to releasing more, lol! releasing in little bits is way better than photo dumping, that way we can obsess slowly.
    aaaannnd i was wondering about that guest post because i was like omg how did i not see that when I was on Pam’s blog and I was like damn I must have been out of it to miss Amanda saying she had guest posted… but yay I’m not crazy, lol.

  10. P!nky says:

    You look amazing lady!!!!!! love the pictures!

    Thanks again for guest posting last week. YOu rock socks!

  11. Your confessions always give me a great start to the day – so hilarious! Your next batch of engagement photos don’t disappoint – absolutely beautiful! Is that the chapel you’re getting married in?

  12. Elle Sees says:

    LOVING the pics!! gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  13. Dying over your engagement pictures! Absolutely gorgeous! And you crack me up with the adult beverage when grocery shopping! Good idea!!

    <3, Pamela

  14. Haha, mark sounds like a funny man! And your niece, oh my gosh- soooo cute, that hair!!
    Im pretty sure I stared at my engagement/wedding pictures way too often/much too!
    I confess that I always love your confessions posts. :)

  15. Teh Megan says:

    My roomies give me that same look when I couch jam… or when I dance period.
    I just keep shakin’ it. No fucks given. :)

  16. Your gifs really never disappoint! HAHA LOVVVVVVVVVVVE those engagement pictures. You have a great photographer and y’all look so happy and in love!

  17. Rebecca Jo says:

    I’m dying… literally dying… I need more pictures. These are so beautiful! Is that a little chapel?!?!? SO beautiful.
    I love close up intimate pictures like that.

    Look at those little girl curls. Precious. I now want a unicorn & rainbow on my face

  18. Bahahaha Bye Felecia is one of my favorite sayings! Way to bring back Miss Jill Zarin with that gif!

  19. I have been wondering what “Bye Felicia” meant as well. I confess, I just googled it. lol Love the engagement photos! Keep them coming!

  20. Your niece is adorable. I have 3 nieces and I miss them a lot because they don’t live here. I haven’t sampled wine at Trader Joe’s in a while because I usually go on an afternoon when I’m not working. I like it when they have cheese to go with the wine samples though. :-) Your engagement photos are beautiful too.

  21. Mree says:

    Oh your niece is so cute!! Love the pictures, the Chapel picture in black and white is AH-MAZING!!

    Best, Mree

  22. Tori says:

    Haha I always look forward to these confession posts :) How cute is your niece?! Looks like you had a blast! And really–can you and Mark be any cuter?! You look gorgeous!


  23. Ele says:

    love those engagement pics!

  24. Ashley says:

    Of course y’alls pictures are all going to be amazing! I’m totally on board with the boozin while grocery shopping!

  25. I had to Google “bye Felicia”. Now I know. I’m so old.

    Your engagement pictures are so great. I love professional black and white pictures.

  26. Tracey says:

    These pictures, I can’t even! So stunning! I am in love with them!
    Also, where all the bloggers at? It’s totally quiet in blogger land. Even I’m losing my motivation to post this week!

  27. i love engagement pictures and so glad i can follow you along with this journey!

  28. The engagement pictures are amazing… I’ll keep telling you! And nothing wrong with a little couch dance party!

  29. No shame in couch jamming. Those gif’s cracked me up though. LOVE all of your pics so far, can’t wait to see even more :)

  30. haha release those photos! that’s quite adorable i must say.

    bye felicia :)


  31. Meagan says:

    Sounds like such a fab birthday, day in NYC, shopping, and a show?! Lucky girl! Beautiful engagement photos :)

  32. Sometimes I forget I am not alone and bust a move. it happens!

    I love that he asked if you were rolling the pictures out in batches!!! Maybe he will write a post for you yet!

    I just love your photos so far! So beautiful!

  33. I love the engagement photos! Keep em’ coming!

  34. do not ever be embarrassed to dance! I constantly dance. I probably dance like 15 times a day. haha!
    these engagement pics are absolutely stunning! you guys are a beautiful couple!

  35. lol, i never knew what “bye felicia” meant, i just googled it and the first reference was from urban dictionary. HAHA. secondly, those photos are GORGEOUS. i love a great backdrop/background like that, we had ours at a university with a similar “wow” effect!! and third, your niece is SO CUTE OMG.

  36. alyssa says:

    It has been a little tumble-weedy around here, but that’s okay with me since I’m way less in the mood to be online all the time in the summer. I’m not keeping my posting schedule as rigidly.. which I actually posted about Monday haha. OMG that cat gif made me giggle and get called out on it by my office-mate haha! AND OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE THOSE SHOTS from your engagement session!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  37. bahaha! I am sitting at my desk trying so hard not to crack up about you getting caught couch dancing!! I feel ya on True Blood. We are watching it too, just because we’ve watched the rest of them, but yeah. Meh. And those engagement pictures! So pretty!

  38. LOL that couch jam is awesome!!! And OMG taking an adult beverage to trader joes! Amazing! HA! I like the slow roll out of engagement photos. Keep ’em coming.

  39. I need to get caught up on True Blood. I have felt that way about the blogging world lately too. Very quiet, myself included. Love all the engagement photos. They came out great.

  40. I feel like that with rompers too, so cute until you have to go to the bathroom and lord jesus the little crack in public bathroom stalls freak me out.

  41. I have a bad habit of taking a roadie in the car with me. I mean I know it’s illegal and all but it’s not like I’m drunk or anything. More like the errand I have to run is interrupting my adult beverage time so to keep it going I have to take it with:)

  42. First and most importantly! Engagement pictures! EEEEK!! I love them more and more each time your tease I mean, release, a few of them!!! Sans bra and all! Amazing! :) :) :) Your niece is adorable! What a fun birthday! How freakin’ hilarious about you busting a move at Mark’s! Too funny!

  43. definitely feeling the tumbleweed. Summers been busy and it’s been hard to keep up! Can’t wait to see more pictures…they are gorgeous!

  44. Love the photos and I am the epitome of a tumbleweed.

  45. That last picture is gorgeous. Shit needs to get printed onto a canvas!!!!!!!!!
    Your niece is so damn adorable… that hair!

  46. Trader Joes plus alcohol equals the best thing ever! I’m inspired!

  47. To-go libations in TJ’s is sheer genius! Love, love, love the engagement pics, keep them coming!!

  48. Gorgeous engagement photos! We just met with a potential wedding photographer tonight and I am cannot wait to begin the photo journey!

  49. Krystal R. says:

    Those pics are amazing!!!! You need to frame them! Immediately. I insist!

  50. I’ve been watching the tumbleweeds blow through bloglovin’ lately, ha ha! It’s hard to post in the summer I think. I couch jam all of the time! Luckily John has gotten used to it and no longer gives me judge-y looks. Love the photos you shared! I can’t wait to see more :)

  51. I feel the same way about blogland right now! Is there something in the water??
    GIRL, get onnnn wit’ yo bad self! No shame in your game, am I right? ;)



  52. Great pics!

    Who died on True Blood now?

  53. your engagement photos are gorgeous!

  54. You had me cracking up with the True Blood confession, lol, cuz I felt the same way!
    Your engagement pictures are boooooootiful!!

  55. All your pictures turned out GREAT! Really beautiful! I want to be Avery!! Or I would just settle for one of her siblings and get a birthday in NYC!!!!

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