Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fall 2014 Complete Preview

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I am so excited about this sale y’all.  I love getting my Fall wardrobe in line and the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is amazing.  This is the time to stock your closet on all the new Pre-Fall/Fall 2014 looks.  This is not a Summer clean out but what they do is mark down all the new Fall stuff and let you get at it before they bring it back to their regular prices that they will keep it at throughout the season.  I usually get all my staples during this sale and then add some of the fun more inexpensive pieces throughout the season.  This is the time to get a few splurges here and there to get those perfect black skinnies you are going to be living in during the Fall with those flat leather riding boots.

***This is a picture heavy post so you may have to give it a minute to load but trust it’s worth it!***

I organized the sale into categories for you.  I will also say I went into the store to preview and they seriously only had 1/6 of the merchandise that was online.  Also I did not like how it was organized in store…..very cluttered and overwhelming.  I do not do well with narrow aisles and women grabbing at things.  Once again online shopping won out for me… my stretch pants with glass of wine in hand.  Let’s get into it!  Also feel free to pin this logo or bookmark for future use…..just saying ;-)  Also all the pictures are clickable and will bring you to the product.

I will also tell you once the sale goes live on the 18th if you are eyeing anything scoop it up the first day.  I made the mistake of waiting last year and pretty much all the sizes and things I wanted sold out immediately.  My top picks of things that will go immediately are these Zella leggings, Kendra Scott earrings and these amazing strappy shoes.  Honestly they had these shoes pictured with everything in the magazine and they look amazing.  They are currently on their way to my house I couldn’t decide if I wanted the black or this neutral grey/green color (also they weren’t in my store only online).

Joe’s Ali Ankle Strap Pump

Let’s get right into it!


The Rag & Bone Booties which rarely go on sale in black.  Love these Tory Burch flats.  Have these lace up booties on their way to me right now.  They are going to look fabulous with all the skinny jeans.  These flats are super affordable and will be on major repeat for the fall.  Finally these ballet flats are totally Tieks dupes for a fraction of the price!


These Kendra Scott earrings and Turquoise faced Michael Kors watch are totally on their way as well.  I’ve also been lusting of this Michele watch which never goes on sale.


These Rag & Bone dark skinnies are going to be worn on repeat with these booties.  Love the detail on these Moto black pants and are totally affordable.  Coated jeans are back again this season and these black Vigoss ones are totally reasonable for a more trendy style obsessed with them in the eggplant color as well.


The cult classic Zella leggings.  You cannot beat the price for 33.90 for the full length.  I also scooped up these mesh insert ones. They were not in store only online.  They are amazing!

Makeup/Skincare & House Ware

I love big sales like this because they always package the best makeup and skincare samples.  If you have been eyeing the Clarisonic here is your time to grab it while it is on sale! Also finally took the plunge to pick up this Flowerbomb set.  Get these Voluspa candles.  They are majorly discounted for the three pack.  I bought two of them last year and used them throughout the year for presents.  They are perfect to pair with something and make a really nice present.  All 3 scents smell so good and really fill the house well with scent.  Also the time to grab those Nest candles that everyone has been raving about.

Clothes & Accessories

Finally the best for last!


This Rebecca Minkoff cross body is the most perfect size and so hot right now.

Alright there is my complete guide!  What have you had  your eye on?  For all Nordstrom card holders the sale is live right now! Otherwise the sale goes live on this Friday the 18th!  I recommend either hitting the stores early or online before your favorites sell out quick!  Happy shopping!!! xoxoxo

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41 responses to “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Fall 2014 Complete Preview”

  1. Well I definitely found a few things to add to my shopping cart!

  2. there are so many cute options! is this sale open to ppl without a nordstroms credit card yet?! xo jillian – cornflake dreams 

  3. This sale is going to be the death of me!! I can’t stop shopping!

  4. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

  5. Woo hoo for amazing sales!!!! Dying over those heels!! So amazing!

    <3 Shannon

  6. P!nky says:

    And my wallet groans after my honeymoon… love love to shop ;)

  7. Ashley says:

    Ahhh I hate that I don’t have a Nordstrom card to shop early. Obvi I’ll be scooping up some Zella pieces and those heels are amazing!!

  8. Ah I love my Zella leggings!! I may need to pick up another pair for this fall! Loving the booties you picked! I’m on the hunt for riding boots this year because I was too cheap to get them last year.. haha.

  9. I’ve gotta check out these Zella leggings!

  10. I love all your picks, and I’m jealous of all of you that will be shopping the sale! I’m on a limited budget right now, so no shopping fun for me. :(

  11. Tracey says:

    I love those strappy heels you shared! I also love how you conveniently linked everything making it easier for us all to shop!!!

  12. What would I do without you? No really…haha thanks for the run down!!

  13. I might have to get on the Zella leggings.

  14. Those ankle strap heals, oh my gosh. LOVE your jewelry picks too. Well I love it all really. I might be in trouble….

  15. i love you for laying this out. wow – amazing!!! that MK turquoise faced watch needs to be mine.

  16. Dang I’m officially drooling over your amazing picks! Zella leggings are a must for me, and may just have to get the mini mac bag and Kendra scott necklace! And the coated jeans! Ahhh!

  17. crap, i can’t wait!!! i’m sooooo eyeing the BP Belted Booties and the Aimee Kestenberg Maria tote!! HOLY CUTENESS! Love it all, just wish i knew the prices!

  18. Argh… the only pic I can see is the first one… all the rest are blocked here at work… guess I have to shop from home later:) But I love those shoes!!

  19. So many cute things! My wallet hates you but my closet loves you! Can’t wait until this opens up to the general public. So jealous you got that watch…

    <3, Pamela

  20. Kristen says:

    this could be dangerous! i’m going to try and be good, maybe i’ll jump on the sale next year. i definitely need a new pair of dark blue skinny jeans though..

  21. Oh my! So many amazing things!!!!!

    How much is the clarisonic going to be? I have been wanting that FOREVER!!!!

  22. Oh this looks dangerous! Love your pics and I might just have to splurge on the clarisonic! Thanks for pulling these together. :)

  23. must. look. away. seriously i have been spending way too much $$ on clothes lately!!

  24. oooommmgggg girl. I want all of them. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM

  25. Wow I can just imagine how long it took to put this together, now that’s dedication. I can’t wait until the Nordstrom opens in Toronto!

  26. brooke lyn says:

    soooo you’r going to buy me all these things right?

  27. I WANT ALL THESE THINGS haha. but seriously, i do. mostly the clairisonic (do you have one?) and the kendra scott earrings

  28. Love all of your bags, jeans, and jewelry picks. Oh and the shoes too. :-) Thank you for sharing! :-)

  29. I’v already done a bunch of damage with this anniversary sale. Got me some zella’s, sperry’s and a few other items not on your list. And now I see the clarisonic. I was also eyeing those Ankle strap pumps and I feel like I need those now too. Great great picks though, love ’em all!

  30. SHUTUP, I don’t even know what to say right now.
    Adding so many of these things to the list. I can’t wait to empty my bank account ;)

  31. There are too many choices! I love the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

  32. Ok, seriously – I’m giddy!!! Girlfriend needs some shoes!!!

  33. I want Flowerbomb so bad! I’ve been eyeing it FOREVER! And that 2nd dress in the last row of “clothes and accessories” is to die for!

  34. How long did this post take you? haha Girl, you better spend it now and buy all you want because when you get married the money goes to blah things and your husband eyes all your purchases.

  35. Krystal R. says:

    Im loving all the leggings and the shoes!!!! I was sooo happy for this sale. I cannot even tell you!

  36. Darcy says:

    So many great things!! So far all I have purchased is the Tory Burch boots… but I am debating a watch and lots of work out clothes!

  37. Ashield says:

    I’m in LOVE with the Kate Spade pendant necklace & quilted handbag. I’m curious do you use the clarisonic??

  38. MarlaJan says:

    My husband is going to wind up on the news when he buries me along with my credit cards! LOL

  39. Emily says:

    Love the Kendra earrings and TB flats! So many other things to choose from! I’m excited to shop the sale tomorrow.

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