Friday Favorites-‘Twas the Night Before

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Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July!  I hope everyone is celebrating America’s Birthday today to their fullest!  This year America’s Birthday and mine both fall on the best time……Friday and Saturday.   I’m pretty sure everyone is calling off blogging today to celebrate but if not let’s do some quick favorites!

Favorite Moment:

Turning this tonight at midnight!!

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Favorite Sales
The 4th of July Sales are great this year!  Especially Nordstroms and Bloomingdale’s seems to be leading the pack. This maxi dress that I’ve talked about before and have in every color is majorly on sale (hurry up and get it before all the sizes go which they will at this price!)  Obsessed with this Tory Burch cuff that I have and it is half off!  Or this amazing turquoise face Michael Kors watch that I have been coveting.  Or this perfect cross body Marc Jacobs coral bag.  Finally this red maxi dress that I have had my eye on which is now 40% off!
Favorites Funnies

Imagine when my sister, myself and my sister in law who are all Nurse Practitioners get together for the holidays


Especially sitting on this plane right now writing this post

Yup……pretty much

How I felt when I didn’t get my PSA pre check after going through the Global Entry Process but naturally Mark did (also imagine that instead of the headphones it was my bag after the lady told me I had to go to the back of the line and go through security again).

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My reaction to the TSA worker who was trying to explain to me that just because I have Global Entry doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed to get TSA Pre Check

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Followed by this reaction when I chipped my freshly done manicure trying to get my Macbook out of my bag which you shouldn’t have to do after BEING PRE SCREENED ALREADY BY THE GOVERNMENT

(via tumblr)

Pretty much how I feel whenever I have to fly

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It’s all good though because I’m finally here in Chicago with Mark celebrating my birthday

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Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!  Tell me your favorites!  xoxoxo



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35 responses to “Friday Favorites-‘Twas the Night Before”

  1. -Heather- says:

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday!! You are going to make 30 look great! Flying can drive anyone crazy, I know it does me!!

  2. Jess says:

    Have a great birthday!! 1995???? I remember 1995 – college kids were born then? Weird. I hate the TSA line – it sucks that that’s what we have to do now. I pack specifically for TSA & wear flip flops / slip on shoes just so I can get in and out of there as fast as they let me.

  3. Kiki says:

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  4. Happy 30th girl! Hope you have an absolutely amazing birthday! xoxo

    <3, Pamela

  5. Hope you have a great birthday! Celebrate it up in Chicago!! Wait, what? I graduated high school in 1996. I feel so old now. The basketball players dancing gets me every time. Love it. TSA never makes any sense. Just be happy they didn’t ask you to go to a private room and put on rubber gloves! ;)

  6. Krystal R. says:

    haha yes I hate constant sounds and people when flying ugh! Loving that Michael Kors watch.

  7. I graduated high school in 1995 which means there are kids starting high school now who weren’t born yet. And now I feel old.

    Loud crunching is the worst. Especially on a plane. Makes me stabby.

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  8. Tracey says:

    I have that phobia. I cannot handle the sound of people chewing, especially when it is too quiet. Happy almost birthday might friend!! Enjoy your trip :)

  9. Girl I hope that you have a FABULOUS time celebrating your birthday in Chicago!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday I hope you have an exciting weekend!

  11. hehe that text gif is totally my thing.
    Hope you have an awesome birthday weekend, and lucky you! you start your birthday with fireworks!!!!

  12. Happy birthday – welcome to the 30 Club!

  13. What a wonderful weekend to celebrate your birthday! I hope it is a great time! Can’t wait to see LOTS of pics!! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) ♥♥♥

  14. Brianne says:

    Have a fabulous birthday lady!

  15. Happy happy birthday!! You make 30 look amazing! Have so much fun!

  16. Katelyn says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Cancer babies unite!

  17. I’m a little jealous your birthday is so close to the 4th of July! I’ve always thought that would be the best combo party! I hope you have the best birthday weekend celebrations! Also, thanks for sharing some of those sales– I’ve been trying to avoid the, but might need to cave this time!

  18. Happy Birthday! That cake looks beautiful.

  19. Hope you have the best birthday!! Love these sales picks. Happy 4th too!

  20. Becky M says:

    Flying is just terrible!! I hope your weekend is great!! Happy birthday!

  21. i seriously love your sales roundups. they are the best. i love to oogle over them but i never end up getting anything haha. have the happiest of birthdays!! 30!! cheers :)

  22. Happy happy Birthday lady!! Hope you guys are having so much fun!

  23. Miche says:

    Wooo! Happy Birthday, lady! Hope you have an awesome weekend!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  24. Happy Birthday! I love the gif-tastic post!

  25. Christina says:

    hope you are having a wonderful time in chitown! looks like you are! happy birthday my love! xoxoo

  26. ha sorry i was a slacker last week but i will be back this week! also – i just signed up for tsa pre check and going to see if i get in within a few weeks. fingers crossed. flying/security is a fucking nightmare. excuse my swearing but it’s warranted i think ha. happy belated bday chica! xo

  27. Mree says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend!!

    Best, Mree

  28. MarlaJan says:

    It’s now after the fact, but I hope you had a most fantastic birthday and holiday weekend!!!! <3 <3 <3

  29. Hope you had an awesome birthday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  30. yayyy hope you had an awesome birthday!

  31. Awhh Happy Birthday Chica!! Hope you’re having a great time!

  32. Happy belated to one of my favorite bloggers there is!

  33. Ashield says:

    A little late but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!

  34. I have always said that Nordstrom has THE best sales. Dang, I just love that store so much.
    Hope your birthday was fabulous!!

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