The Top 10 Ways How to Stay Motivated With Workouts

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Alright y’all this wedding is a little over 4 months away and I need to get my ice cream sandwich eating self kicking into high gear. What do you do when you need to motivate to get back into your workout mode?  Especially when those Summer months wind down and stretch pants leggings are in heavy rotation.  Here is what I’m doing to get that bootie in gear…..literally.#1 Enroll a Friend

Kelly is one of my bridesmaids and we both started on Monday a 21 day workout and clean eating regimen.  There are daily workouts and we have been sending each other sweaty selfies when done.  Not going to lie when I got back from teaching two Barre classes last night the last thing I wanted to do was pop in a DVD and do a 30 minute Cardio workout.  However Kelly already did her workout in the morning so I knew I had to stay on track.  30 minutes later I was sending her the thumbs up sweaty selfie and day one was in the books.  Plus when your friends are on the heathy track with you the less likely they are to derail you with sushi and wine……during the week.

#2 Switch Up Your Routine

If you are burnt out of running…..try cross fit.  If you have been thinking about finally trying that Barre class now is the time!  I wanted to add running back into my cardio so I enrolled a friend who was a runner and have been trying to meet up for a few quick runs during the week.  Being excited about trying something new helps kickstart back into those workouts.  If you ever need ideas head to pinterest it is full of amazing workouts like this one.  I am all about breaking up workout like that.

#3 Schedule Your Workouts

I plan my workouts like everything else in my life because if I don’t…….Netflix and the couch happens.  That is what is great about having classes especially ones you have to sign up for……accountability especially when there is a cancellation fee then you know I’m getting there for those.   A day in the life……I wish I was joking but I really do schedule in workouts and cross off days like I’m counting down till the last day of Senior year of High School or something.

#4 Track Your Progress

I’m not a big by the numbers kind of person because my weight can fluctuate day to day but taking some before and after pictures is such a great way to check in on your progress while you are getting back into the swing of the workouts.

#5 Chug That Water

For so many reasons.  Helps starve off bored eating because you are thirsty plus all the other hundreds of benefits drinking water does for your body.  I bought this water bottleand chug one right when I wake up.  One down and four more to go throughout the day.

#6 Layoff the Alcohol 

How I felt after that wedding all day Sunday……yeah I didn’t want to do anything healthy with my body.  I ended up eating some chips……like all day long.  Plus alcohol is extra liquid calories that let’s be honest….we would much rather eat right?  Which brings me to my next point.

#7 Get All the Junk Out of the House

When I didn’t have a certain someone bringing extra fun things into my house like those cookie dough Oreos those mindless binges didn’t happen as often.  When it is there you think about it.  When you think about it……you eat it… the handful and in portions that are appropriate for a family of four……not just you (that may be just me…..I clearly don’t have portion control).  So do yourself a favor and get all the easy calorie laden things out of the house.  Out of sight out of mind.

#8 Meal Prep

When I actually get my act together and plan for the week I make such healthier choices.  When I am scrapping together a dinner and then am forced to order Jimmy John’s in between patients because I didn’t pack a lunch……those calories add up.  Then you feel heavy and full from lunch……then sluggish then trying to find the energy to workout after work is slim to none.  Is this sounding familiar or is it just me?  Now that the weather is cooling down time to make those crockpot meals.  This chicken one I am totally digging (I did half the recipe) plus you can use the shredded chicken throughout the week over salads or other healthy ways.  Having your protein/meat done I swear is half the battle.

#9  Get Sleep

Easier said then done right?  Set a bedtime goal.  I have been trying to get to bed by 10:30 every night.  For me that is a huge accomplishment especially when I am a night owl who get’s a second wind right around midnight.  Guess what when you don’t sleep well, you don’t eat well, then the exercising motivation goodbye……you know how this goes.  If you didn’t check this pin… one page summary I’ve found.

#10  Make a Killer Playlist

When all else fails this is how I get myself off the couch and out for a quick run.  I try to make obtainable goals.  I know I’m not going to go and run 5 miles like I use to without even breathing hard.  I try to set a realistic expectation like going for a 2 mile run that I don’t have to stop during.  Then the next time I can add a little more and a little more.  I find that my real motivating factor is being able to listen to some amazing high energy music.  Like this song.  Has a great steady running pace and then at the 1:15 mark is when you take off.  I definitely think I’ll post my latest running mix this weekend if anyone is interested?

So there you have it.  Those are my top ten things I am doing right now to try and get myself back into the swing of a healthier day to day living that realistically fits into my life.  As I say to everyone on a daily basis this is not a “diet” but just healthy mindful choices every day.  What do you do when you are in a workout rut to get yourself back into better shape?

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44 responses to “The Top 10 Ways How to Stay Motivated With Workouts”

  1. these are amazing tip! just reading these makes me excited to work out!! thanks for the motivation

  2. Kiki says:

    These are all great tips that I make sure I go back to when I need to get motivated. I started scheduling my workouts in college and am so glad it is a habit I started early on, helps so much!

  3. Staying motivated and making the workouts fun and different keep me motivated – especially with fitness classes!!! I’m thinking of signing up for ClassPass which is new in Boston, but heavily used in NYC…it’s unlimited classes at a variety of different gyms…usually boutique like for a different class/workout every time!! I need to get better at drinking water!! Love this post!

  4. I got in to super work out mode funk last week. I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to skip a work out…and basically I skipped four of my six last week. Oops. Monday morning I woke up and I was like you know….when did I actually enjoy working out? During Body Beast. So I am incorporating some of those work outs back in to my routine!

    Keeping junk out of the house is the only way I dont eat it. Why do we have to crave all of the foods?!

  5. Kay R. says:

    Yes to all of these. Water is so much more important than I could have ever imagined!

  6. Kerri F says:

    I’ve fallen so off track with my water consumption recently, I really need to start drinking the proper amount per day again. It really does make you feel so much better plus I find it helps clear my skin up so much!

  7. hell yes to planning workouts. i plan my workouts for the entire month so all i have to do at 5am is stumble downstairs, look at my calendar and just do it. ain’t nobody got time to fumble around and dilly dally while trying to figure out what to do.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Great tips girl! I love working out but never on the weekends… I need to get better about that. And I feel like if I made a killer playlist maybe I wouldn’t hate cardio so much…. who am I kidding. Yeah I would. I’m really bad about my eating habits too… I need to fix that ASAP!

    <3, Pamela

  9. all of this is so true and helpful! i have to keep the junk outta my place or i’ll eat it all. like a closet eater since i live alone ha. one thing i wont do is a calendar bc it would hold me accountable. oh wait, maybe i should… ha. xo

  10. Ashley says:

    I’m trying to work on getting better about meal planning for the week. Some week’s it’s great and others I’m all over the place and last minute scrambling to try and find something for dinner. Thankfully it’s crockpot time again!

  11. Joey says:

    These are all such great tips!! For me, I’m heavy on the self guilt. I tell myself it’s only 30 minutes (basically) and that I’ll feel much better once I do it. Usually, if something makes it on to my todo list I will actually do it because I can’t stand leaving something unchecked. Also, the fitbit helps keep me in check since I am overly competitive and want to win! haha

  12. Great post lady. Those are great tips, so thanks for sharing. I stay motivated by finding new exercises, downloading a new song, or just by telling myself how much better I’ll feel afterwards. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice too. I know that I’ll sound harsh when I say this, but making the effort and not making excuses is the key. I understand that life gets busy, but if you make the time to watch your favorite TV show, you can make the time to workout. Whether its at home or at the gym. I guess I’m just big on accountability, and on that note, I’m off to the gym now! :-)

  13. Meal planning has helped me sooo much! I really need to workout on the weekends, because that seems to be where I mess up the most!

  14. Stacy G says:

    Love these ideas! Much need tips. XO

  15. Great tips! I found them very helpful. I have a hard time staying motivated.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  16. This is such a helpful post! With the craziness over here lately, the gym and working out has fallen to the last on the list of priorities, which I know isn’t a good thing. I’ll have to try your trick of planning in my daily workouts just like I do everything else – if it’s in my planner or on a daily to-do list, it will get done!

  17. Julia says:

    These are great tips!! I totally agree with all of them, especially meal planning! That has been huge for me! When I don’t, I end up grabbing whatever I can find and it’s usually NOT good. Also WATER. I am so bad about drinking water, it’s a constant struggle for me!

  18. P!nky says:

    Perfect suggestions, lady! All of them are so true!

  19. Awesome tips, all of which I use too!! Meal planning, chugging that water and no junk food are my top ones for sure :)

  20. Jillian says:

    great tips! i always write down my workouts so i can make sure that im staying active during the week! i need to clean out our fridge and cabinets and get rid of the CANDY!! it’s everywhere. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  21. awhite says:

    These are awesome tips! I find that having a friend to hit the gym with helps A TON with my accountability! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. These are such great tips! I have fallen off the wagon big time and have been struggling to get back on.

    I love the idea of an accountability partner. I’ve got to get me one of those.

  23. I write it down on my to-do list every day & make myself do it to mark it off :)

  24. scheduling is so important for me. i also pack my gym clothes into my big LV tote the night before so i don’t have any excuses if i wake up late and “don’t have time to get my gym stuff together!” :)

  25. Kelly Mock says:

    You are sooo good! I need to get on a schedule!

  26. I love crossing days off. I feel so accomplished!

  27. oh man I needed to hear this today. i just got done with a run and felt blah. but it’s so good to just keep it going :) awesome tips!

  28. Great tips! I love how you schedule your workouts and cross off the days! There is just something so satisfying about getting to cross it off! Good luck with your 21 day challenge, which one are you doing?

  29. Jen says:

    You must be reading my mind…. these are great tips!

    I had a personal trainer in Louisville and have been struggling to get back into things without him. Even though I have a gym literally 4 floors below me in my building. I am the epitome of lazy at the moment.

    I’ve been slacking with the water drinking too. I find that if you have a really cute water bottle it helps :)

    xo, Jen

  30. Great tips. I try and switch it up too, so I don’t get bored. New music always helps me stay interested in long cardio days.

  31. Great tips!! I need to be better at keeping the junk out of the house, meal planning and drinking more water. I feel much more inspired after reading this! Did you do a post on your workouts or did I miss it?

  32. Ugh, as much as I know it’s true, the alcohol is so hard to cut out, which is sad because it’s just worthless calories like you say. I do try to not even walk down the chip aisle, but sadly that doesn’t automatically knock of the LBs ha. Love your tips – and yes, total senior year countdown going on in that planner!

  33. Kristen says:

    all of these are so true and make so much sense, so why do i still struggle? it is so bad. i just need to get into a routine and then it will be easy as pie. chicken and tomato soup, yum!

  34. Susan says:

    This is such a great list! Across the board, I agree with everything… if only I could motivate myself just a tad bit more! Love you planner and organization! :)

  35. I SUCK at meal planning. I’ve tried over and over again to plan meals for the week, and I always end up changing things mid-week. I need to stay disciplined.

    This post was a great motivator! Thanks girl!

  36. i need to print this out and read it every single day.

  37. Jordan says:

    These are all super helpful tips! As we get older the need to work out and exercise becomes a lot more important, and I’m sad to say I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon for exercise yet. :/ Although I am doing better eating healthy, thats a plus right?

  38. Getting junk out of the house is HUUUUGE! We usually don’t buy any when we go regular grocery shopping. If it’s there – we WILL eat it! haha

  39. #6 nooooo! But getting the junk out of the house is the MOST true. Once I finally quit buying cheese and bread and chocolate…I miraculously quit eating it!

  40. Mree says:

    Great advice!! I so need it right now. I always get tempted by baked goods but I’m trying really hard. Thanks for all the advice. Great tips!!

  41. I find staying in a workout routine the hardest thing to do. I have spurts where I do great for a few weeks then I go months when I don’t do a things. It’s really bad.

  42. Great tips lady! Meal prep is my favorite because it really does help you stay on track for the week. I would get so mad at myself if I went out to eat after I had meal prepped because then I was just wasting money!
    ~Elise @

  43. Lauren says:

    I rely heavily on music to get me through my workouts. For Crossfit on Friday were were doing an Open wod and I needed my Britney Spears music blasting. I’d like to say that Britney helped :)

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