Things I’m Digging Lately – Winter Edition

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Back into the swing of the full work week and life.  You should have seen the running list I had going yesterday.  Every day after work I have something going on.  I thought since I cut back on teaching at the college (one less class) and a few less Barre classes I would be able to come up for air……nope.  This is the last push for sure.  Tonight we are having our final tasting with our caterer and for the cupcakes/cake.  Then tomorrow I am meeting with someone for the Photo Booth.  I cannot wait to tell you the details on that one.  Taking the Photo Booth up to the next level!

So because my closet space has literally been cut in half I have definitely been reaching for some trusted looks that take minimal effort to throw together in the morning.  Also things that don’t wrinkle easily since space in between clothes is a luxury of the past.

This Lightweight Layering Jacket

Since FL can’t figure out if it wants to be cold or hot this jacket is the perfect versatile transition piece.  It it soft and has a great drape material to it.  I basically throw it over everything and it looks automatically put together.  Definitely looks more of a high end piece.  It has washed and worn very well.  Also love it paired with my blanket scarf (get it….it’s like $10 bucks so worth it).  It also fits underneath coats without added bulk.

I also just pinned this look.  How cute when the weather warms up to throw over a dress with some booties.  Love!  Also want it in this blush color.

These Perfect Layering Tees

Y’all know I have been living in the one navy color I got.  The most perfect length and weight.  Most of the colors are still sold out but they added back two colors so naturally I scooped them up.  I am clearly online stalking them.  I will let you know when more colors become available.  I bought size small for a reference point.  Loft also has a similar version here on sale.

My Bachelorette Dress

I got tons of emails yesterday asking about the details of my bachelorette weekend white dress.  It is by Xscape.  I got it with my mother randomly one day when we were running through Dillards.  With the correct undergarment (trust me it took some time with that all white back) I couldn’t wait till I could debut it over the weekend.  It is sold out in white but you can still get it in black…..which I am also debating.  Also love this version (on sale!) and obsessed with this long metallic number.

This Body Wash & Lotion

I got a little duo pack and I am obsessed.  Especially with the colder weather I have been gravitating away the floral scents and more towards the richer muskier spectrum.  This has a pepper/spicy smell that is absolutely addicting.  It leaves a subtle smell that has great staying power.  The formula lathers and rinses off clean.  Definite splurge but well worth it!

When You Just Want To Carry a Few Things

You specify your phone size at check out.  It carries my 6 plus with a few cards and cash.  Love the dark leather.  Perfect grab and go.  Restoration Hardware Italian Leather Wallet with snaps for iPhone.

Eye Treatment
First thing I did when I got home from this weekend was apply this eye mask.  It tightens, decreases puffiness and hydrates. You apply a layer then wipe off with a tissue.  It leaves active ingredients that continues to work after you swipe it off.  Insider savings tip.  I use one pod for two eyes.  That way it lasts twice as long.  Sephora beauty insiders double the points until the 19th jump on it.  Use the code REFRESHER for 12 free skin samples.

Mediated Lip Balm

I have been trying to find a new chapstick that is affordable and medicated for the Winter dry months.  Holy grail product.  I am obsessed.  This Dr. Rescue heals chapped lips and last for hours.  Totally affordable.  Grab it in the clear and a few of the tinted colors.


I know you’re not supposed to share mascara but I brought my mini with me.  Two of my bridesmaids had it ordered before the trip was over.  It is seriously that amazing.  Makes you look like you’re wearing falsies (and not the ones we saw hanging off eyelids in the fontainbleaue lobby Sunday morning…..).  This is what sold me.  I had leftover mascara when I went to the spa.  I was in the steam room (twice!) had cucumber eye slices on and was swimming.  This mascara did not budge.  Washes off with normal face wash.  Definitely give it a try!  You will be a convert.

Here are a few more pieces on the radar.

So there you have it a few things that are on my radar right now.  Hope y’all are having a great week! Today is the last day to win the $225 gift card to Nordstrom!  Most of these mentioned products you could grab with that beauty.  My two entries are follow on Bloglovin and Instagram!  xoxoxo

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51 responses to “Things I’m Digging Lately – Winter Edition”

  1. Kiki says:

    When I find the perfect fitting t shirt I tend to buy it in ever color. Yay for the final countdown, although I really do not know how you keep up with your busy schedule what are your secrets!

  2. Jenn says:

    Great pics as usual–that dress looks stunning on you! No wonder so many people wanted to know about it. I love the drapy jacket, too! :)
    Have so much fun at your tasting today and the photo booth (great decision!!) I can’t wait to hear how you’re taking it to the next level!

  3. After the disaster of the glam glow mask I’m a little scared to try anything else of theirs…I really like the sound of the eye stuff though!!! Love how long that layering tee is…and that it actually covers your butt while wearing leggings!! EKKKKK finally tasting – so much fun….can’t wait to hear about the photo booth!! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  4. Great picks as usual! I have that eye mask sample and have yet to try it. Good thinking on using one pod for both eyes though. I’ve been curious about the baby lips products and after your review I’m definitely going to try it out! Yay for the last month of planning and finalizing! I’m curious to hear what you’re doing for the photo booth!

  5. loveee your white dress! gorgeous :) have fun at the cake/cupcake testing…sounds like a dream :) xo jillian – stop by! I’m hosting a giveaway on cornflake dreams

  6. Still love that gorgeous dress you wore!!! I have a light-ish jacket that is perfect for this weird weather too! I found mine at Kohls :) I am totally going to have to check out that mascara! Do they sale it in the sample size too or just the full size? You know how I love buying the samples!

    I realized when I was waiting in line to check out for my 6 plus that it would no longer fit in my MK wallet and that made me sad. I found the perfect larger wristlet at Coach right before Christmas that Chris got me. I am going to have to share it in my product post that I have drummed up for later :) It is hard to find things to fit our big awesome phones!!

  7. Loving that layering jacket, I just may need that in my life! And I’ve always loved Baby Lips, but didn’t know about Dr. Rescue, keeping my eyes peeled for it :)

  8. Kay R. says:

    your bachelorette dress really is lovely and Im loving the layering tees. And that wallet is tres sexy!

  9. Ashley says:

    Perfect timing, I’m just running out of mascara and will pick that YSL one up to try!

  10. So many good finds- your bachlorette dress is amazing- you look gorgeous! I just had to order a new mascara and was so close to ordering one from YSL- now I’m wishing I had!

  11. Ooooh I totally need a good chapstick right now! My lips are so sad and chapping!

    Oh, and might I say – that red poofy, knee length skirt – is awesome. I love things like that. A vintage touch and it’s still in style. LOVE IT

  12. Love when you do these posts!! Except that you make me want to buy everything haha. The black version of your dress is pretty too. Love that ASOS dress in your collage too. I tried that Babylips Dr. Rescue in some color, but it dried out too quickly on me. That eye treatment sounds nice too. I’ve been using Fresh Black Tea Eye Concentrate and I love it. Looking forward to hearing more about your photo booth too, sounds so cute and fun! Hope that you’re having a good day so far too. :-)

  13. Lyndsay says:

    Your bachelorette dress is lovely and I am definitely going to have to check out that mascara!

  14. Oooh! I wanna try that eye mask! I just got some new eye cream and I’m not sure if it’s REALLY doing the trick!

  15. I will definitely be trying that lip balm, I am needing something medicated right now for sure. These 20 deg temps are killing me! I love your party dress so much, I forgot to mention it yesterday when you shared it, gorgeous!

  16. Love all your picks! That jacket looks like the perfect layering piece, and isn’t the Maybelline lip balm the best?! I typically always have one in my makeup drawer for chapped lips emergencies.

  17. That mascara sounds amazing! And I am definitely going to need to invest in that eye mask, my eyes need some serious help!

  18. That jacket is amazing and really does pull everything together! I am in need of some new eye cream so I may need to check this one out!

  19. love that light jacket in the first spot. so cute. and that mascara is my fav! all thanks to you :) xo

  20. I have such a hard time finding layering tees that are the right length (I’m 5’2″). I either feel like I’m drowning in them or that they’re actually regular tees (because they probably are) that I’m just wearing as barely-long-enough-to-cover-my-butt. Ohhhh short people problems!

  21. Julia says:

    I so need some of those layering tees! Love the wallet too, I LOVE leather!

  22. I love your draped jacket! It is the perfect color and style. It needs to be in my closet now.

  23. Darcy says:

    Super cute dress for your bachelorette party! I am in the shopping phase for mine, now!

  24. Kayla MKOY says:

    Ive heard such good things about glam glow and am thinking about asking my local Sephora for a sample!! :) you looked amazing in that white dress! Go you!! Can’t wait to hear about the fun photo booth details!

  25. awhite says:

    I love Molton Brown products- super luxe!

    Good luck with the wedding details- things get soooo busy in the last few months!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. You chose the perfect bachelorette dress! I am loving that lightweight jacket too.

    pumps and push-ups

  27. I’m heading into a spending freeze in February. Must buy anything I want now!

  28. Your Bachelorette dress was to die for. You looked stunning!

  29. Kristen says:

    i dont have the doctor rescue but i do have a maybelline one that is similar and i freaking love it – i put it on and i dont have to reapply in a few minutes like normal chapstick.
    girl you looked like a freaking model in that dress, seriously. you should for sure get the black one.
    i just ordered that layering tee from loft that you linked to – haven’t got it yet, but if it doesn’t work out i will try the target one. i just haven’t had the best luck with target lately, crazy, i know!

  30. That wallet is so perfect! I really could use those eye masks, puffiness be gone!

  31. You totally must rock the Bachelorette dress again (one year anniversary perhaps?)! It’s defnitely all about the layers this time of year. Holy unpredictable temperatures be driving me crazy up in here!

  32. Love the Restoration Hardware wallet! I think it is calling my name…

  33. Oooooh bless your heart for sharing that chapstick! That is a must have in these negative degree temps!!! :) I’m going to act like I didn’t see those cute layering tees that you just shared because I would want to buy one in every color… I’m all about the basic long tees with this belly lately! :)

  34. Natalie H says:

    Loving your bachelorette party dress!! That jacket is perfect for in between weather. Going to check out that tee right now it looks perfect

  35. Courtney B says:

    Can I just invite myself to your wedding? Ha ha! It is seriously going to be the best celebration… so excited for you!
    Love your bachelorette dress!
    I’ve been on the hunt for a new mascara so I’m checking that out, now!

  36. Your bachelorette dress was AMAZING! Totally obsessed with it! And loving that jacket. I need a few good layering jackets, FL be cray! I for real need to try that Glam Glow eye treatment. I wasn’t a fan of the mud mask but the eye treatment sounds awesome! And I agree with Courtney… I’m inviting myself to your wedding! ;)

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  37. Christina says:

    The bachelorette dress is amazing. Love that first jacket too!xo

  38. I have that mascara and love it…good stuff! That lotion looks like it’s great. Love the jacket too!

  39. Nikki says:

    Love your picks! I am all about great tees! Also, your bachelorette party dress is stunning!


  40. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that mascara. I have the hardest time finding a mascara that doesn’t smudge. I’ll have to check it out.
    And that layering tee is so long! Love it!

  41. P!nky says:

    Love that jacket and layer tee, both are perfect for random unexpected weather. I also love your bachey dress. I’m a bit behind on blogs because i was gone the past few days, but can’t wait to read your recap. Have so much fun at your tasting, it’s totally one of the best parts of planning a wedding ;)!

  42. CONFIRMED! We indeed wore similar dresses by the same designer on the same night in Miami. Love your taste, girl! Xoxo

  43. That dress is something fierce!! So many goodies that I have to check out because you have never steered me wrong!

  44. That dress is amazing! You look great in it! I love me some good layering tees and what a perfect little jacket!

  45. I loooove that jacket, if only I didn’t live in a frigid climate where warmth trumps style! I think everything draped always look so beautiful and flattering. That red skirt is just amazing too! I just bought my first midi skirt yesterday and I’m trying to figure out if it will be going back or if I can work up the courage to rock it…and also learn how to wear it when it’s too cold to ditch the tights

  46. Mree says:

    You know I love that mascara!! It’s awesome.

  47. That mascara sounds amazing!! As someone who always ends up looking like a raccoon in hot weather I am definitely checking that out.

  48. Love that jacket! It is perfect for the indecisive weather. That is crazy that your mascara stayed on though all that! I will definitely have to try it! Also, love your bachelorette party dress! It’s look awesome on you!!

  49. Your bachelorette party dress was perfection on you. I love the back!! I could NEVER rock that dress, but you can and you should!! STUNNNNNING!

  50. I love the outfits and that bachelorette party dress! Seriously looks so good on you!

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