My Last Ten Amazon Purchases

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I really wonder sometimes what I did before Amazon Prime came into my life.  I pretty much do a quick search on Amazon before I buy anything online to see if I can find it cheaper on there and with free shipping.  Also, some of my absolutely favorite stores are linked as well,  Zappos, 6pm, and Shopbop.  I said this on Friday but Zappos is price matching for the holidays!  That was honestly my only gripe with them prior.  Whenever someone was having a sale but I just love the shipping and customer service, I was always bummed they wouldn’t price match.  Well, they listened and for the holiday season make sure to always check with them so you can get that lightning fast shipping!  Okay, so honestly these are my last 10 items purchased with Amazon.  Some are not glamorous by any means but hey this is everyday life right?  Let’s get into it.



My Last Ten Amazon Purchases


 #1 Kitchen Gloves

kitchen gloves


I told you some things on this list are not glamorous.  We have a rule in my household whoever cooks the other cleans.  Since Mark always likes things to “soak” in the sink, I have taken over washing the dishes and he cooks.  I really consider this a win-win because I never have to hear critiques about my healthy cooking and I don’t have to stare at dirty dishes every morning.  Can I tell you how many times I put on my Target shopping list to get kitchen gloves?  Every single time I would forget.  Well, get this 2 pack of gloves for the price of one in store.  They fit perfectly, protect your pretty manicures, and saves the delicate skin on your hands.  How many of you do dishes with gloves on?


# 2 These Gorgeous Rockstud Dupes


I just cannot fork over a grand for the Valentino ones not matter how much I love them.  The Sole Society dupes always sell out in my size and are not real leather.  Okay, I thought I was crazy particular about reviews.  The girls on this Amazon sellers page are legit OCD to the max and I like it.  They lined up the shoes to their Valentinos, did comfort and leather comparisons, and ultimately gave them their seal of approval.  There are some things I will drop the cash on but when there are so many similar high-quality affordable options.  That is a no brainer.  Find them here in tons of colors.


#3 This Skull Scarf


I live in the land of a yearly Pirate themed citywide festival called Gasparilla.  Therefore, anything that has skulls on it, I can’t say no to.  Plus, you know it also reminds me of all things Alexander McQueen.  I love the color scheme of this one, it really jazzes up every outfit.  I was impressed with the quality as well.  Find it here.


#4 These Tweezers



They are exactly half the price of the Tweezerman ones and just as good.  Actually a little too good….still waiting for a tiny patch to grow back in.  Warning, these work fantastic.  Proceed with caution.


#5 This iPhone 7 Plus Case


I’m not going to lie, I felt a little bit like a rebel using my new iPhone without a case while waiting for this to ship to me.  It is so light!!  However, this case has a pretty slim profile and the rose gold doesn’t take away from the rose gold phone that I ordered.  I have to have a case that goes all the way around and can take a spill.  This one is great and less than $20.


#6 This 2017 Planner


If you are a month at a glance daily planner user, then this is for you.  It is a perfectly slim size and has just the right amount of space every day in the month overview.  I will say when it first came it kind of smelled like nail polish remover.  I let it air out for a day and the smell went away.  Last year I went with the gold leather but decided to change it up this year with the fuschia.  You will not regret this purchase!


#7 Back to the Dark Side


You guys I really tried.  I tried every single natural deodorant on the market and they would work for like a week and then ohhhhh boy, they would stop working.  I could even deal with the occasional smell but then they started giving me this terrible itchy rash.  Naturally, I did a ton of research and a lot of them use baking soda or other “drying” products to combat the wetness issue and that seems to be the culprit.  I even tried to give them a break for a little while and go back….same thing with the itchy allergic reaction.  The minute I stopped using them, it cleared right up.  I live in the South.  It gets hot.  I went back and I’m pretty sure Mark is the happiest about it.  This is my favorite light scent and it works.  Plus, it is gentle with no rash-inducing products.  I’ll keep on using my coconut oil and other hippie girl products but the natural deodorant has gotten the boot.


#8 Witchcraft Makeup Eraser


Are you sick of me talking about this makeup eraser yet?  Well, have you gotten it to see what all the hype is about?  Seriously it will take off your red lipstick and black mascara in one swipe.  It has completely cleared up my skin and when you are so tired at night, a warm washcloth to take off your makeup is the best way to end your night.  Don’t you just get so tired sometimes the thought of washing your face sounds exhausting?  Well, these will solve that and they don’t leave any residual product like traditional makeup remover wipes.  This one comes with two so you can always have a clean one on hand.  I usually use it for a few days then toss in the wash.  The best to travel with and so cost effective!


#9 External Memory Bank


Another not a glamorous purchase but total necessity.  I backup my entire computer once a week and then I stopped storing all my very large picture files on my actual computer.  Instead, I make folders and save them onto here.  It saves the speed and memory of your precious hard drive space.  This is 4 times the amount of storage that I have on my computer.  I kept on putting off this purchase but I’m so glad I finally did.


#10 This Dyson Hot/Cold Air Purifier Fan


I wish this Dyson product was around when I had my wedding registry.  Mark always used to sleep with an overhead fan and it completely dried my previous Lasix surgery eyes out.  We compromised with a floor fan.  I am absolutely in love with this Dyson Hot/Cool Purifier.  It is a cooling fan plus for the Winter it can be one touch switched to a heater (my northern friends, you would love that!).  It doesn’t push out forceful air that is drying.  It is completely bladeless so it’s safe around kids and pets.  My other two favorite features, one it is a purifier.  I put the fan on Auto and it detects the air quality, when the air starts to have pollutants or allergens, it will kick on to clean the air.  When the air is purified, it will shut off.  That way it conserves the filter in it.  My other favorite part, it is wifi enabled and syncs with an app on my phone.  So when you are all comfy in bed and don’t want to get up….just open the app and adjust the fan speed on the app.  Or you can set it to go lower an hour after you sleep.  Basically, you can program it to do anything. Dyson products are pricey but their quality stands behind the price point.  I have noticed such a difference with my seasonal allergies since buying this and I swear Mark is coughing less.  It has been a good health investment.



Extra Credit

I ordered another bottle of the Essie Gel Couture polish in Bubbles Only, a great holiday red color.  The best priced prenatal vitamins you will find anywhere (use them for your hair and nails too!).  I love this new flavor of Quest bars.  They are the only bars that keep me full until lunchtime.


Last!  Sale Alert

Bloomingdale’s is having a mega sale going on right now.  Seriously, all of my favorite pieces are 30% off and full stocked.  You’ve always heard me talk about AG and DL1961 denim and they are all fully stocked.  I bought this dress for the holidays, it is going to look so cute with black tights.  Such a great price point!  My favorite fringe booties from Marc Fisher are also included.


So there you have it!  My last 10 Amazon purchases.  Do you have Amazon prime?  What are some of your favorite last purchases?  Tell me some of the other perks with Amazon prime that you love having such as the backup storage or the free video streaming.


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20 responses to “My Last Ten Amazon Purchases”

  1. christina says:

    wait i really love this post!!!!! hahah…i might do it too! (but it could be so embarrassing, love it). off to check out this makeup remover!!

  2. I’m the same way with gloves – need to have them on if I’m doing dishes…but we just got a dishwasher in our new place and after 5 years of doing them by hand I’m so happy that I haven’t done a single dish in 2 months! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  3. Nadine says:

    I know I know I need to order the make up wipe!!! What is it with men and “soaking” dishes. Ummm your water glass doesn’t need soaking. Neither does that spoon you left on the counter…..not soaking….lol. We already had the natural deodorant discussion so I will just say I agree haha. That dyson product looks super cool. Heat, cool and purify air? Yes, please!!! Sounds like something I could use in my office because it is never just comfortable in there lol. I love seeing what people buy on Amazon!

  4. Obsessed with that phone case – so pretty! I knew Shopbop was affiliated with Amazon Prime, but didn’t know about 6pm and Zappos! Great to know <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Pamela says:

    So many great things! I’ve had those tweezers for awhile and I love them! And that phone case is gorgeous! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Helene says:

    I love that you bought kitchen gloves! amazon prime is my jam. so awesome. question about the case… is it pretty durable? I’m a dropper haha

  7. Christina says:

    It’s crazy how much you can do online now – and I love it! You are amazing for finding those shoes – so similar and I just added to my cart!

  8. Karly says:

    How did anyone live without Amazon Prime?! Some fun and practical purchases here – I do the same thing with my external hard drive. It saves so much space on my actual computer!

  9. Kristen says:

    I love Amazon so much! I bought the make up eraser just yesterday, so I can’t wait to get it! Your commentary on the cooking vs. cleaning is so on point. It’s exactly what goes on in our house too.

  10. Nikki says:

    Great stuff even the non glam items! I’ve tried “natural” deodorant and totally noticed that it doesn’t do that well of a job and it totally caused a rash for me too so I switched back. I use the Dove dry spray and love it because I have sensitive skin and I don’t need to rub it on and cause any sort of irritation. That phone case is just too pretty, love!

  11. This post is so fun! Amazon is one of my biggest vices! I just love it! Thank you Amazon Prime shipping. I seriously want to do this post so bad (would you mind?). I feel like it could be quite hilarious and maybe slightly embarrassing.

  12. My last 5 Amazon purchases are all pillows, baskets, and light bulbs. lol I swear a Prime package has been at our house every single day since we’ve moved in it seems. lol My husband isn’t too happy about it. (; I mean, at least it’s home stuff, right? (;

  13. Nichole says:

    Amazon is my fave. Sometimes I forget something at Target, and then I’m like, “Ugggh, I am too lazy to go back.” Thank you, prime!

  14. I have GOT to try that makeup remover cloth. I just don’t understand how it works, but everyone raves about it!

  15. Gabby Keeton says:

    I love the phone case! Also, Best Buy price matches Amazon prices long as the item is sold by Amazon and not a third party. Saves me a bundle.

  16. Sara says:

    Any chance that back up drive is wireless? LOL (Wishful thinking I’m sure.) I won’t do dishes without the gloves… ever.

  17. Caroline says:

    I love that scarf and those shoes! I also saw that makeup towel at Walmart today and I’m intrigued. I also have a gift card for Amazon from my in-laws and I have no idea what to use it on so thank you for giving me some ideas haha. :-)

  18. Lindsay says:

    Can you do this post every month? I live for Amazon and I swear half my purchases on there are influenced by you! I have been eyeing those shoes but haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

  19. kristen says:

    i have got to try that makeup wipe thingy. i keep seeing it everywhere. those rockstud shoes are gorgeous, and that planner! i want it. but i don’t need it. i need new tweezers but i am actually trying to let my brows grow out right now so i might hold off on those lol.

  20. Lauren says:

    This is such a cool post idea! But like Christina said, it could be embarrassing lol. I feel like I buy everything off of Amazon prime!

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