Friday Favorites – The Start of May

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Happy Friday my loves!  Seriously how did May just arrive like this?  I am actually off today since I received an email stating that my PTO is ridiculously high and I needed to start taking days off before the end of the year……so no time like the present.  I plan on taking a barre class today (such a concept, this week has been crazy with work) and I’m going stand up paddle boarding with one of my gal friends from the barre studio.  Tomorrow, Mark and I are attending a gala for the local Children’s hospital that I work at.  I’m excited to get all glamorous and have a night out with my man.  Definitely make sure to follow along on snapchat!  (meetatthebarre).  My new camera and lens finally just arrived so I cannot wait to play with that all weekend long.  Goodbye productivity.  Hello gorgeous new photography.

pink pencil skirt

Pink skirt here ||| Laci back cami here


Let’s get right into the favorites from the week!


I love her voice so much.  A little slower and darker vibe this week but beautifully haunting.


I made these chicken fajita bowls and added fresh avocado for lunch this week and they were a winner in my book.

This printable workout.  It is a burner.  Gets that heart rate up and you will be sweaty by the end.

12 sites that will teach you coding for free.  Great post about increasing blog traffic here.  Did you read my post about how to create images people want to pin from your blog?  Check it here.


Did you pick up anything from the SHOPBOP surprise sale?  I scooped up these Joie laser cut mules that I have been coveting forever and they finally went on sale and were in my size.

Remember my tassel sandals from this post?  Well, I found a great option and they are under $25 snag them here before sizes sell out. This scallop top which is under $25 is making its way to my closet.  I love this blush purse and it’s under $50.

Here is an under $50 Spring Shopping Roundup




When I attempt to complete any DIY project that involves a hot glue gun


When Mark asks where the peppermint oreos went


When I know the burrito assembly ratios is off and the rolling process is not going to be pretty


When someone asks me what my Friday night plans are

Finally.  When I try to hook my 50 lbs purse on a barstool


Alrighty, tell me your favorites from the week and if you have picked up any recent sales.  What are your plans this weekend?  I hope everyone has a fab time!

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33 responses to “Friday Favorites – The Start of May”

  1. Love that lace back top! I’ve never been able to find a racerback bra I like, so I’m always totally jealous when others can pull those off! ;) Heading over to check out your pinnable image post – I’m always up for increasing traffic!

  2. Love days off! Congrats on your new camera, it’s been fun following you on snap and seeing bits and pieces of all this. Have fun at the gala!

  3. Haha, dying over the purse funny – so true with me, too! Enjoy the gala! Can’t wait to see all the pictures with your new camera equipment.

  4. Sarita says:

    You always have the best gifs. I love burrito bowls so I have to check the fajita ones out.

  5. Can’t wait to see what you wear to the gala – hope you guys have a great time! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  6. Rebecca Jo says:

    OHHHHH – dish it to me – tell me what camera & lenses you got!!! I’m a nerd about this stuff – you know I am :)

  7. LOL at the cat meme. when i carried a larger bag, that always happened!

  8. Nadine says:

    Your Friday night plans look fabulous!!! And I have totally knocked a chair over because of my purse. The struggles!!! I am so obsessed with your pink skirt and lace back cami. So pretty!!!! Enjoy your day off!

  9. Kara says:

    LOL the purse! I can’t. Have a great weekend XO

  10. Kristy says:

    Gosh, your GIFs kill me every time! And I always love your music recommendations. :) Happy Friday!

  11. Pinned that chicken fajita bowl recipe! Those sandals are super cute!
    Me and hot glue guns just don’t go together…at ALL!
    Have fun at the gala, can’t wait to see what you wear!! ;) Added you on snapchat!

  12. Have an amazing time at the gala tomorrow! Love getting all dressed up and going to fancy events! And LOL at the bar stool falling over from a super heavy purse, that has definitely happened to me *whoops*. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Haha the purse on the bar stool, yes! I just love the black lace tank top and pink skirt, gorgeous!

  14. That lace top is super cute! And yay for a new camera! What did you get? I am itching for a smaller one for myself right now. Loving all of your funnies too, especially the purse one! haha Have a great long weekend girl!

  15. Mmm, chicken fajita bowls – yes please! Looooving the shoes you picked up, too. Have fun tonight!!

  16. Carly says:

    I’m obsessed with that song too- I get so happy when it comes on my Pandora station. Enjoy your day off & have a great weekend!

  17. BAHAHA! I always love these posts. ALSO, how do you find the best under 50 things?!

  18. Darcy says:

    I hope that gala is great — it sounds like a super nic eevent!

  19. Have fun SUP’ing, it is so fun and actually a good workout! I love getting dolled up for a gala too, have fun! The purse and the stool every time for me! Have a great weekend!

  20. I really love the white top & the long floral dress! So pretty!

  21. Sounds like you have a great day/weekend planned. Enjoy!

  22. I love this entire roundup! Your lace back cami is SO beautiful…I love pairing black with a bright color like your pink skirt. I actually laughed out loud over the video of the cat pulling the chair over. Poor cat!

  23. Love that cami! Just dropped those sunnies into my amazon shopping cart! Have a great weekend!

  24. Ashley says:

    Hahahaha the burrito roll-YES! I hate when it’s lopsided and not evenly mixed. #fail

  25. emelia says:

    YAY to a surprise day off, enjoy the weekend! That gala will be a great time, and playing with the new lens sounds awesome. Totally going to make those chicken fajita bowls for lunches this week!

  26. That’s awesome that you had some extra PTO to take a Friday off! It sounds like your day off and the rest of the weekend is filled with some exciting plans! I love making taco bowls, so I definitely need to check out those chicken fajita bowls too! I hope you have a great weekend!

  27. Ha the purse struggle is real! I still absolutely love that lave back top paired with the pink pencil skirt. So pretty!

  28. Julie Joy says:

    The GIF metaphor of your purse on a bar stool – hilarious! Yay for a day off and some random PTO! Paddle boarding always looks so fun! Have a good weekend!

  29. Lindsay says:

    I hope you enjoyed that well deserved day off and have so much fun tonight!!!

  30. Karly says:

    So many good shopping picks today – that blush purse needs to be in my life. Hope you had fun at the gala, happy Sunday!

  31. Jaelan says:

    Hahahaha! That cat/purse meme. Totally.

    That gala sounds like a blast – can’t wait for photos!

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