Weekend Vibes and Blue & Cream Introduction

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Happy Monday dolls.  Last week was pretty crazy busy so I was really counting down the minutes till the weekend.  Back to work full-time with a little one is definitely exhausting but I am really happy with my current childcare set up.  Plus, Mark usually picks him up early so I don’t have to worry about the mad dash out the door every day.  I do spend a good amount of time cleaning/sanitizing bottles and pump parts.  I am quite the balancer on the drying rack let me tell you.  This weekend I got a ton of work done, we ventured out of the house for some sunshine and good eats.  I also scouted a lot of places for photo ops.  I am fortunate to live close to so many cool spots.  Davis Island which is in Tampa has a lot of history and gorgeous architecture.  Plus, it’s close vicinity to the water.  I have to remind myself I live where so many people vacation, it really is gorgeous down here!


I wanted to introduce you to a great new website that I stumbled on.  If you are looking for affordable high-end designers, Blue & Cream is definitely a website you should check out.  Self Portrait is one of my lust designer lines that I just adore.  The price point is a little daunting but Blue & Cream has some of their pieces for half off.  The sizing is a little limited so if you see your size, definitely grab it.  I also really like Helmut Lang and they have a great selection there.  Their Warehouse Sale selection is deeply discounted pieces that you can find a major score on.  I am also very impressed because the Warehouse sale is not from four seasons ago, they have stuff that is still current on other websites.  I scooped up this Self Portrait skirt for a steal!  Isn’t the structure of the lace so pretty?!?

Mules are on sale here!  Very comfortable.


We capped off the weekend with a visit to our favorite Bartaco.  I know it seems like it’s the only place we ever go to but I love the management, it’s baby friendly, and they have the best food.  Their new secret taco is a maitake and corn, vegetarian friendly.  It was delicious and now that I’m no longer pregnant, I can partake in the margaritas.  They seriously make the best drinks!


I just love being able to spend all this beautiful time with my baby and husband.  Life gets so crazy during the week so I really love soaking up every precious minute and time with them when I can.  Enjoying life right now.  Tell me about your weekend happenings! Linking up with Biana!


7 responses to “Weekend Vibes and Blue & Cream Introduction”

  1. Biana says:

    I think BarTaco needs to either give you guys a set table or your own parking spot for how often you’re there LOL! Hope you have a great week ahead! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Caroline says:

    I love that skirt and those mules!!! Those tacos look delicious too. I am glad that you had a nice weekend!:-)

  3. Lindsay says:

    Now I want a Bartaco marg immediately! And the drying rack balance skills are necessary!!

  4. I am trying to get to Tampa in the next year and I want to have a taco and margarita with you! So glad you had some nice quality time with you men! Have a great week!

  5. Bri says:

    You look great! How old is your little guy? Glad you are enjoying the weekends with both your boys.

  6. Nadine says:

    Bartaco decided to come to Bham and I need to check it out, I still haven’t been. There is a place right down the street from my office that has the best guac ever, so I rarely venture from it. Sounds like you guys had a good weekend. You really do live in a place where most people want to vacation! Gotta soak up all its beauty!

  7. richel says:

    Thanks for your post, it looks great.

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